Saturday, May 26, 2012

Silent Saturday............

Another great picture of how I am doing today..................hahahahaha!!!!!! Is my world upside down or am I right side up?????????? Not much going on today. Going to relax this weekend and maybe plant the rest of my flowers and pull a few weeds.

Updates on our physical beings. JP has been taking those antacids the cardiologist recommended. No change, he still gets the pain in his arm. I am still not understanding how antacids can effect arm pain the way he gets arm pain..........I hate being around him when he gets those pains. As for my problems, went for another blood test, Doctor wanted to run a test to see if I have hepatitis, but medicare does not cover that, so I am passing on that blood work for now, would cost me $202 and we are still looking at JP's bill of $1700 for his stress test that we have to pay (that we don't have). Tuesday I go to the Hospital for a Ultra sound on the liver because the liver levels are still high. I am not sure I am wanting to know what is wrong and if they find anything like cancer.........that totally scares me. And then, how much is this all going to cost and how much of it will we have to pay.............honestly, turning 65 is a real pain!!!!! These were supposed to be the golden years, seems more like the tarnished years instead.

A word to the wise..........if you are reading this and you are still young, quit all your bad habits and eat healthy and exercise cause when you get older, everything falls apart at the seams!!!

Well, time to close this blog, have to go get ready to go to Northside hardward to look at some flowers to buy. I need some red petunias for my white urns along side the house. So you all keep looking up and enjoy this weekend for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers to you ~ Louise

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