Saturday, April 28, 2012

A New Camera and Many Problems

I thought this was a cute picture, although I don't have a cat, but 2 dogs both of which keep me quite busy. I do like the saying..... "one day things will get better until then".......These last couple of days have been tough, there's been alot of struggles, twists and turns to deal with. The biggest one is that we found out we owe $1500 for JP's stress test, now if this does not cause stress, I don't know what will. We were told this test would be covered 100%....I think the insurance only covered 50%. JP has to go for a "heart cauterization" next weekend. Not sure if he will go for it yet. As of May 1st his medicare kicks in, so not sure how that will pan out. Work insurance will be cancelled May 1st also.

A few other problems rose up -
1) PC Registry wanted to charge $49 to my charge account and the bank called to see if this was a fraudulent charge, I said no, but I did not want it, so go ahead and block the charge.
  2) My liver levels were high so the Dr. took me off the cholesterol medication, seems my liver is mad and irritated, (well, so am I). Had to make another appointment to draw more blood. 
3) I was told I could not sell my cards at someones house. Was just a "show and tell" which I have done many times before, one of the ladies liked a few of my cards and wanted to buy them. I really had no intentions of selling my cards, there was no ulterior motive on my part....needless to say I will NOT bring my cards for "show and tell" again!
4) Bought a new camera, which was badly needed and I can't seem to download the pictures from the camera to the computer. Which means no pictures for Etsy and this here blog. (sigh)
Can't say I am enjoying doing these blogs anymore.....just hate, hate, hate this new blogspot is so jerky and the screen goes blank, just too many times. Trying to figure my way around is a real chore. Life has not gotten any easier, seems at every turn there is a new challenge. So truely, I am waiting for "that better day", in the mean time keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh. Sorry for all my complaints....I was always told that growing old were the "Golden Years" seems retirement is more like the "Tarnished Years" instead!!!! Well, cheers anyways ~ Louise

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