Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday's Part 2 Interview With Elena from Crimea, Ukraine

Hi there everyone, how you all doing on this cold, rainy and snowy day in November. Well at least that is what the weather is like here in Wisconsin. It's a good day to work on this blog, do some housework and make a few cards for my Etsy store. Bought some ribbon yesterday to start working on my Christmas cards. With Christmas being next month, I better get moving, cards have to be in the mail by December 10th the latest. Below is what my Christmas cards will be looking like, I've changed the tree a little, but the background is pretty much the same.

Now on to the rest of my interview with Elena from Crimea Ukraine. It's been fun getting to know Elena and I just love her beautiful works of art. I've been doing a little bit of crocheting, actually making a doily right now, but in no way does my doily look like Elena's beautiful tatting work. Went into Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up a magazine showing directions on Tatting??????? I was completely confused????? It is nice to know, there are people like Elena that can carry on the art of Tatting and pass it on to others.

Above is a beautiful white doily, below are a pair of earrings and a necklace ~ lovely, lovely work!
8. How do we find you on Etsy?

My Shop on Etsy: Welcome!

9. Can we find you on Facebook, Twitter, and do you have a blog site?

10. Have you seen enough of the world or is there a place you would like to go?

I like to travel. I want to visit China and see pandas!

11. Do you have another talent or hobby? I like embroidery and knitting.

12. What is your favorite flavor ice cream of all time? Creme brulee.

13. Your favorite color and shape? My favorite colors: red, green, purple, white.

14. Your favorite drink and food? I love chocolate!

15. Your favorite month and season of the year? Spring, of course!

16. Your favorite TV show, movie, book?

I love classic music, like: Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Vivaldi. Book: Boris Akunin, Isaac Asimov.

17. Your favorite thing to do? I love traveling, listening to music, growing flowers.

18. Make a comment here of what ever you would like to say.

I am very glad that Etsy is not just a place to sell, but here I found many like-minded people and friends! I want to wish everyone: Fantasize and create, art brings beauty into our lives!

19. Name 3 favorite websites you couldn't live without. Etsy, FB and Pinterest!

In this picture are Christmas ornaments, wouldn't these look lovely on a Christmas tree?

Well there you have it, all the questions I asked of Elena, I am sure there could have been more questions to ask. Elena was translating my questions into her language then back into english. So I suspect that was quite a project for her. Friday I shall put a few more of her works of art on my blog. Hope you all enjoyed this interview, please stop by again, as you never know what I may say or do on my cards4ubylouise.blogspot!!!!!

Have a good day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh!!!
Cheers ~ Louise


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