Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Funday - What's New With You!!!!

Hi is your day going so far? Trying to think of something funny to write, but all escapes me right now. Think I will look for a funny back in awhile!Well, here is a picture of how I am feeling today..........yep, that's me. Found out yesterday, I am diabetic AND to make matters worse, the brakes went out on my car to the tune of $600, also the car is leaking antifreeze $700 to fix that and to top that off the exhaust is bad and needs to be replaced $500. Not exactly sure where the money is coming from, sooooooooooooo like the above puppy dog, I will just continue to lay down and sleep through all of this. We have had this Ford Tarus for a year now and it has cost us more money then it is worth.............Oh how I wish I could have a NEW CAR!!!!

A few other things going wrong, the roof still leaks after having it fixed for $1200, the dogs have flees. JP's car is on it's last wheels, too many things to get fixed, we may just junk it and get $200+ for it. Then we will be down to one car. I am beginning to think that the Senior Years are not so much the "Golden Years" anymore but the "Tarnished Years". We are getting bombarded from every direction!!!!!

Well, I am closing my Friday Funday blog for today. Hope your day is much better. Monday is my birthday, 65 years, hope things get better!!!! Still Cheers ~ Louise

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