Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Funday ~ What's New With You????????

Hi there fellow bloggers, so what's new with you today??????? I'm still taking my meds for that UTI. Feeling much better.....thank God! I was totally surprised by the fact that I had this infection, feeling a little uncomfortable for many months was my only complaint. So, I thought this was a normal thing for a 64 going on 65 year old. NO, it was not normal, now I know. Only problem is I have to take this medication on an empty stomach, but I never know when the stomach is empty. Well, maybe in about 1/2 hour I will take a pill, type alittle, then zonk out, cause that is what it does, makes me drowsey and tired.
Went to the Library yesterday.......FINALLY found this cookbook I have been wanting to see before I bought it at Barns and Noble. My husband has Gout, so I have wanted to see some of the recipes from this cookbook. They are very simple and basic, like "eggs parmasian" sounds good, think I will try it in the next week or so. Another cookbook I got was "Just 1oo Calories" looked like a good one for Louise to try, as I am always on a diet of some! The third book is on stamping. "Making Cards with Rubber Stamps" thought there might be some new ideas I could try.

The three books

Eight DVD's, this shall keep me busy for the week. 1 Cardmaking Dvd and 2 Crocheting Dvd's (as I am into making doily's fof a season), 2 diet Dvd's "You on a Diet Workout" and "You on a Diet" (two different authors, should be interesting, hopfully not boring) the other 3 movies, "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock. "Gifted Hands" The Ben Carson Story and "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. That all should keep me busy and out of trouble for the week at least. Will let you know if I try any new recipes from the cookbooks.

Well, I think I shall shut down this blog for now, the medication is starting to work, doesn't take much. Be sure to stop by on Monday to see my blog as I will be doing an interview with Elena from the Ukraine, if all works out well and I didn't overwhelm her with questions.

Take care and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.

Cheers ~ Louise

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