Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Antique Finds and Tatting

Went on an antique excursion Saturday and picked up a few things. Hubs said he had $6.00 for a present for my birthday next week..........soooooo here is what I got: A Gordon Ramsey cookbook, a biscuit cutter, a beautiful purple and white crocheted doily, a box of tatting thread and a tatting shuttle. We actually went over budget by $8 though, oh well....but these things are all useful, even though they are old they still serve a purpose. (kinda like us Senior Citizens....huh!)

I found some old ledgers at the first antique shop, was very interesting to read them. In one ledger, the person was keeping track of how much was either ordered or spent in the grocery dept and merchandise dept. I looked on November, 1911 (100 years ago) rent was $8.00, eggs 10 cents, shoes $5, flour 15 cents, etc., everything was under $7 the most expensive was the rent.....was pretty cheap back then, but then pay was not high, guess everything is in proportion.
See my little tatting shuttle to the right, now if I can just learn to use it. Been going on Youtube for tutorials, but I have found that in each tutorial, each woman does it different, guess I just have to find the one that suites me. Stay tuned, someday I may be tatting, though it may take awhile.

Well, I shall cut this blog short, have to go make the husband his lunch and dinner before he leaves for work. Cheers ~ Louise

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