Monday, October 10, 2011

Tale of A Roof and a Washing Machine

SOOOOOOOOO here is my tale of a Roof and a Washing Machine. The washing machine came at 12:00 noon (3 hours past the due time........but it finally came). OOOOOOOH could hardly wait for it. Was getting to the point that all we could do was fill up the machine, let the clothes soak then spin the water out, no washy, washy, washy. NOW it is here, first have to clean up the area cause alot of things had to move in order to get the machine to it's new resting place. Following are some pictures. Our new-used machine is a white Maytag, hopefully this one should last awhile. Our Speedqueen came with the house and we have been here 20 years, so I guess that was a good machine too, to have lasted so long. We still have the Speedqueen dryer, so when that konks out, we will go to Hoarshs for a used dryer. They will deliver, hook-up and take away the old one.....hooray!! don't have to worry about getting rid of it ourselves.
The roof was done last Tuesday and Wednesday during that wonderful weather we have been having. We had to get a loan for the roof to the tune of $1200, I guess that is not bad, but there was alot of damage after leaking 8 years. Joe said if we had not gotten the roof done before winter, the snow and ice surely would have collapsed the roof. Hopefully this will fix the problem for awhile. Now we have to figure out where the money is coming for the kitchen ceiling, guess I can live with that for awhile cause now it won't be leaking like as if someone turned on the faucet. The money for the washing machine came from our selling some gold and silver jewelery that was laying around, stuff I had from my mother and grandmother. I won't miss it, may as well put it to use.........we needed a washing machine, now we have one.

Well I shall close here, and get some wash done......HOORAY!!! & Praise the Lord!!!

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