Saturday, October 15, 2011


Mystery Saturday??????????? Well, I am not sure what that is all about either. Missed "Friday Funday" cause there was nothing fun going on and did not take any pictures that showed me having fun........oh well.

Now as my big "65th" birthday comes leering around the corner, I am not finding alot of comfort in the supposed "Golden Years" either. Seems there is alot more stress in getting old AND I really don't know how to retire!!! You would have thought after 5 years I would have figured it out......nope, nope, nope! Still as busy as ever, but with different things.

Now what could that entail...................I don't know. Maybe a list of things I would like to do today? Or a list of things I HAVE done, guess that would have to come at the end of the day. People talk about a bucket list......I've not made one up yet and probably won't. I just live each day as it comes, waking up each morning wondering....."what day is this one.....aaahhhhh yes, Saturday, what will I be doing today???? Well, let's is my list for today.
1. finsh this blog
2. make some coffee
3. do the dishes (I always have dishes in the sink to do)
4. maybe do a little crocheting sometime today (making a pink doily)
5. give myself a perm and trim hair
6. cut JP's hair
7. make some cards, actually I have 3 projects going
~~~~~a. making orgami bridal bouquet
~~~~~b. making my iris fold Christmas cards
~~~~~c. make some more Christmas ornaments
8. rake some leaves
9. plant 3 "allium gladiator" bulbs
10. wash some clothes
11. straighten the house and sweep the porch
12. ride 5-10 miles on my stationary bike
13. ah yes, cook lunch and dinner (which always puts dishes back in the sink)
14. maybe take a break with another cup of coffee on the porch (wishful thinking on my part)
15. take a nap or go to bed.........

Whew, after that list, I am TIRED!!!!! Retired??????? I don't think so!!!!! Well so much for Mystery Saturday........I will finish this off tonight, or tomorrow or whenever I get back to it, cause I am not sure how much will be accomplished, maybe nothing, maybe just partly.....who knows at this point, ONLY GOD KNOWS THE BEGINNING AND THE END of my list!!!!

Cheers ~ have a great day!!

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