Friday, October 7, 2011

"Friday Funday" ~~~ Boating on the Fox & a Colorful Fall!

Friday Funday.......we all had fun yesterday (Thursday) on the boat, riding on the Fox River. Such beautiful trees and a beautiful day, I know now why I love Wisconsin, couldn't ask for a better day. These are my 4 hour ~ Mini~vacations at Sandi's Retreat on the Island. Fun was had by all, plus there were treats, cheese and crackers, natchos and salsa and zuchinni bread....yum!

The trees were absolutely beautiful, like this one along the river.

Here is a beautiful, fancy house secluded and hidden behind the trees.

Such beautiful scenery along the Fox River.

Here is a big fancy house, nice huh? is Miss Vicky taking pictures of her shipmates. There you have it a day out on the boat, going to try for another one weather permitting before the boat gets pulled out of the water for the winter and takes a rest till spring. The lox in Menasha open up May 2nd 2012, seems like a long time away.
Well, you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather. See you again on Monday with a few more cards. Cheers ~ Louise

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