Saturday, September 3, 2011

Locast and "Hurricane Like" Wind Storm hear them all around you during the summer months, but never see them. Well, here you go, I found one up close for you to see......ugly little chap isn't he/she???? How I came upon this lovely locust.......was cleaning up a little after the storm and brushing the leaves off our car and WA LA a locust!!!! I ran for my camera and took a bunch of pictures. I think God placed this bug on my car.......I know, I know sounds kinda crazy.......but, a few nights ago as I was letting my dogs out and waiting for them, was listening to the locust and thought....."how come you never see them God, only hear them?" I believe this is my answer from God.......

Years ago, when I was 7 or 8, remember leaning up against a tree......and BUZZZZZZZZ...leaned up against a locust, scared me alot, but I remember what it looked like to this day. I have always loved the sound of locust, but maybe seeing the damage they make, may not like that.

So here are pictures of the damage done in our back yard after the storm hit. Two large limbs came down, one on my little swing and the other on our roof. The limb on the roof caused more damage to our "leaking ceiling" cause after the limb hit, the "drip, drip, drip" became a steady flow of water. Gosh, I get so angry at the roofer who supposedly "fixed" our roof. Because of HIS greed and wanting more money in HIS pocket we are paying for HIS neglegence. There is no recourse for us, he sold his business and we don't have the money to here we sit with a leaking roof that just gets worse.

Oh...another thing that happened during the storm, the electricty went out....from 9:30am, off till 1:30am....16 hours, gosh we sure are dependant on electricity aren't we? Well, I brought out the candles, and got the Fondue Pot going for coffee......funny how you crave certain things when they are taken away. Any other day I could go all day without a cup....but yesterday, no sireeeee! I started to worry about the frig and if things would stay frozen and cold. I took some chicken out to defrost in the frig to keep things cold in there. Fired up the grill about 6:30pm and cooked some sausage, a small packet of chicken and a hamberger and 3 small potatoes. Just in case JP ran out of food to eat. When he was about to come home I got the Fondue pot going put some chicken soup in it and the chicken, sausage and potatoes. (the hamberger was eaten by Louise) So, it turned to be a good meal......just as JP was eating, the lights came on.....what magic!

Another picture of the limb on our roof.......I am hoping we can find a good samaritan that will come with a chain saw, needing free fire wood to come take the limbs down for us, we can pay for the gas. But that is it, cause we really need to get our roof redone and you know........finances just are not there at this time and the mortgage needs to get paid yet......Thank you Mr. Obama for all you help!!!

Well, you all have a good day ~ Cheers ~ Louise

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