Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Bor-ing Blog

Yep........that is what this blog is.....a Bore (not even sure if bore is spelt right) who cares, no one reads this blog anyways!!! This may be a very short one.....have no pics and no ideas to write, guess I am leading a boring life right now.

We're trying to get some money scrounged up to pay for part of the roof that leaks into the kitchen....looks like we may have to sell some stuff, like gold and silver laying around the house, which is not much. Oh well. I am tired of this leaky ceiling, 8 years of aggrevation, thanks to Steven Carey, because he cut corners to have more money in his pocket we have been living with a leaky roof!!!! Hopefully it gets fixed by this winter.

Lets, see what else.................guess I will close this blog for now...................who will read this, I wonder, be sure to leave a comment. Well, it is 12noon, the sirens are sounding ~ cherrio!!!!

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