Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Fall Card a Mini-Vacation and 9/11

My new "Autumn Leaves of Fall" card just listed in my etsy store, go take a peek at:

Yes, those are my feet!!!

We took a mini-vacation on Saturday, a ride on Butte Mor and Lake Winnebago.....was a very beautiful day for a boat ride.

Then we dropped anchor near High Cliff (maybe 5 miles out) and ate chips and cantalope....aahhhhhh, yes that was my kind of day, for sure!

Any problems you might have just seem to fade away. Yes, that was a piece of heaven on earth!!!!

Here is JP and I enjoying our day out on the boat.

Probably like you, I watched some of the Memorials and stories that went along with 9/11 today. I remember where I was that day....had just started a new job at the church, maybe about a month previous. So things were still pretty new to me. Don't remember who came with the news, but instanly the TV was turned on in the conference room and there we all stayed, transfixed by what was happening in NY. A hard day to forget, forever engraved in our minds. It should have been a day that caused many people to come back to Jesus.....(and maybe it did) but just like everything else....we cry out to God for help, He helps and we soon forget that He was there to help!!! God Help The USA ~ a Nation slowly dying because of it's sin's against you ~ Have mercy of us a sinful nation!!!!!

Well, you all have a great day ~ Louise


Anonymous said...

Luoise I like you blog. Don't give up. It may take a while to get followers, but it will happen.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thank you sandi, naw, won't give up it has been some good therepy for me even if no one reads it. Have had this blog for quite a few years and there is only 22 followers, not bad I guess.


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