Monday, August 22, 2011

A Vanishing Summer and a Pretty Flower

HELP!!!!!! The summer is vanishing before our very eyes!!!! BUT.........I love this time of the year though. I can feel the crisp fall in the air just around the corner. Noticed yesterday, flowers, shrubs and grass etc. have stopped growing, or maybe they are just drying up for lack of rain, but, sad for sure. Everything comes to an end. also comes to an end. Heard this weekend that the husbands aunt died at 93, now that was a long time to live.....I think she lived well though, she lived a good life. Didn't know much about her or what she did for a living. She and the uncle John lived in California and had two daughters, that's all I know. Oh well, will send a sympathy card in the next few days.

The above picture is an orgami flower I made........pretty huh? I just learned how to make them a month or so ago.....taught a class also, guess I am not a very good teacher though, only two ladies got a handle on making the flowers, the other 3 ladies were scratching their heads as they left...."how did she do that? I don't get it?" Oh well, I guess we all can't be teachers. I have to come up with another idea for a card....not sure at this point what I will do.

Well, I guess I better get this show on the road and start my week. May be going boating this week with Sandi and out to lunch with Shirley. ALSO out to dinner with JP cause it is our 38th anniversary on Saturday.......WOW where did that time go????? Seems like only yesterday we were young and wild and living our life the way WE sure does not slow down for anyone!!!!!!

Cheers ~ Louise

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