Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blooming Hibiscus and A Poem

What a lovely bloom.
The creativity of God is unlimitless in the biggest things down to the littlest things.

Here is a poem I wrote on July 23, 2011 ~ I was actually singing the first couple of sentences while doing dishes, then thought, maybe I better write the words down so I don't forget them. So here are the words, the song completely escapes me, maybe you can create your own song. Enjoy.

"Stand Strong"

Stand strong, stand strong
Until the very end,
Stand strong, stand strong
Till you see your reward.

Be brave, be brave
Though you see no end to your pain,
Be brave, be brave
For your joy will come in the morning.

Stand strong and be brave
When the dew is fresh and the birds sing,
Stand strong and be brave
And Bring Glory to God.

Louise Gatti

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