Monday, July 11, 2011

♥Happy 11th Day of the Month♥

Hi everyone........well, it's the 11th day of July....where is this month going to???? Winter starts December 21st.......are you ready? Hahahaha.....laugh now pay later!!!!

Was looking for some winter pictures from the last couple of years.........mmmm can't seem to find them, once I do, I will put them up in this blog.....just a little reminder of the way things were and what is to come. So I say, enjoy the summer and sun and warmth, it may end all too soon!!!!!!

May be going out on the boat with Sandi this week. We went out last Friday and I got a bit of sunburn, forgot the sun lotion, which reminds me, when I go to Wal-mart must get some. Sandi took some pictures of me on the boat (I forgot my camera) here is one.

Look at that beautiful water, so calm and serene. My face is getting a little baked.....yikes!!!! Notice you only have my head.....we decided to leave out the bottom half...hahahhaha! I have started another diet, maybe in a few months the bottom half will be toned down a bit. You know, turning 65 can be a piece of HELL!!!!! It is said that the years of retirement are the GOLDEN YEARS........Ha!!! I heard it is called the TARNISHED YEARS!!! Guess it is all in how you look at it....I am not sure at this point......I will let you know in a few years.

I mentioned starting another diet....this one will be about fruit smoothies in the morning and juicing vegetables in the afternoon or there abouts. Maybe I will do this for about a week or so. I saw of documentary about this guy in Australia that juiced for 60 days and lost 90 lbs, don't think I will be that radical, but he found that a lot of meds he was on, he did not need after a couple of months cause he was getting all the nutrients and vitamins needed, course he exercised also, I shall just walk and bike.....and go boating with Sandi!!! Here is the website: check it out, saw it on

Here is a recipe for a delicious fruit smoothie:
Handful of blueberries, 3-4 strawberries, 3-4 pieces of cantaloupe, 3-4 Tbls water, blend then add blueberry yogurt and blend again.....mmmmmmmm good!!!

Have a great day and will be back with some juicing recipes....cheerio ~ Louise

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