Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ukranian Easter Eggs - Part 2

Today, in part 2 of my Ukranian Easter Egg interview with Gail. Let me begin by adding 3 more pictures of her beautiful works of art on one of God's natural canvases..........the chicken egg, the duck egg and a goose egg.
The above egg is of a beautiful lady in pinks and golds depicted on this egg from a goose!! The above two eggs in black and red are from the chicken.
And this beautiful egg is from the duck. Which is a pretty large egg!! When we lived in the country, up in Ladysmith,over 25 years ago, we had some ducks, (3 females and 1 male). So when the ladies layed their eggs, they were huge!!! I would make breakfast for the husband and use 1 duck egg which = 2-4 Aracana (small) chicken eggs.

Now, onto the rest of the interview with Gail, part 2

6. What tools do you use for your craft that you cannot live without?

Vinegar, and my homemade light box for photographing my eggs. A picture is truly worth a thousand words…especially on Etsy. If it don’t look good, it ain’t gonna sell, baby. And that’s the truth!

7. What is a typical day for you and your favorite time of the day?

A typical egg making day is about 10 hours. I start by cleaning up my work area—I hate to admit it but I am a messy worker. And when I’m done, I’m done. I turn the light off, turn off my electric kistky and walk out. So, I have to clean up before I begin. I work on a layer of towels, and have to have a nice clean white one to start. I usually have several eggs going at once. As you work, one egg may be in the penciling stage, one in the dye, and one may be drying, and one is being waxed. So, I have at least 3 or 4 going at one time. My favorite time of day is about 7 pm…*sigh* relaxation time. I am not an early morning person. I can easily work until 1 or 2 in the morning, but I hate getting up for work (which, unfortunately, is at 5 am).

8. How do we find you on Etsy?

The name of my shop is GoldenEggPysanky.

9. Can we find you on Facebook, Twitter, and do you have a blog site?

I am on Facebook but not twitter and no blog yet. I am still a bit electronically challenged.

10. Have you seen enough of the world or is there a place you would like to go?

I love to travel; I could never see enough. I would love to visit the Ukraine.

11. If you had another talent what would it be? I wish I were a musician.

12. What is your favorite flavor ice cream of all time? Mint chocolate chip

13. Your favorite color and shape? Orange and egg shaped! Go figure!

14. Your favorite drink and food? Diet Pepsi (yikes) and Pot stickers from BD’s Mongolian Barbeque.

15. Your favorite month and season of the year? Need I say more…April…Easter season.

16. Your favorite TV show, movie, book? Fringe is my favorite TV show, Movie…that one is tough…I like anything from Gone with the Wind to Groundhog Day!, and book… the entire Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

17. Your favorite store to visit? Archivers.

18. Your favorite (fill in the blank)……Having a day without responsibilities, doing whatever I’d LIKE to do instead of what I HAVE to do?

I will end part 2 here. Be sure to come back on Friday as we finish Gails interview ~ part 3 with 3 more questions.

Have a great day ~ Louise

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Diane ~ said...

thanks for the post, it's always nice learning about other artisans! :)


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