Monday, February 7, 2011

♥Frame Your Favorite Valentine♥

Made this frame along with two other frames, maybe about a year ago and just now putting all three frames in my etsy store. Nothing like a little procrastination on my part. But, now they are in my Etsy store, you can see all three frames at:
Hey, so what did you think of those Green Bay Packers.....what a great game, huh!!!!! I am really impressed by Arron Rogers, he sure is one of those great players..........good for him, couldn't happen to a better person. Aaron is going to be on the Letterman Show tonight, will be fun to see him and see how he does throwing the ball back at Letterman.....hahahaha!
Finally took the rest of my Christmas stuff down......there I go again....procrastination setting in. Another thing I procrastinate about is doing my taxes....gosh, taking time to sit down and see where all our money went and how much Uncle Sam takes from us is one of those jobs I have a hard time getting to. But, I have set aside Wednesday to at least get started on the taxes....mmmmm would be nice if I could finish it all.
Well, time to close this blog till the next one that may come up next week some all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.

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