Sunday, May 23, 2010

Father's Day Card

Just added another Father's Day Card to my Etsy store last night. Thought I would add it to my blog. Sold a card like this on the 20th, mailing it out on the 22nd. Gosh, that just makes my day when a card is sold. Well, I thought I should get another card up on Etsy just like it, or close to like it.

Very fun to make using Dreamweaver paste, smear it over a gold stencil, then let it dry. The next day I used my mark-it pens to color in. Trying to come as close to looking like deer colors as possible. Well, it turned out pretty good. The inside of the card is stamped "Happy Father's Day" The price of this card is $4.oo plus postage ($5.50) but you will receive one bonus card and bookmark or thank you card for your use. If you are interested in this card or any of my other cards go to:

I am in the midst of making butterflies using this same far they are turning out pretty neat using the Dreamweaver paste, glitter and chalks.

Well, so much for todays blog, time to hit the bed for some down time. See ya next time around.

1 comment:

LindaCCC said...

Wow! Beautiful deer! Are those like the Copic markers? I came to copy your link to put on my next blog posting. :)


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