Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three St. Patty's Day Cards

This St. Patty's Day card is my spirelli (looks alittle blurry, but I am sure you get the idea). I used a scalloped punch and ran embroidery around the punch topping it with an irridescent shamrock. I then used two pieces of fancy papers, running the marbled paper through a cuttlebug. Happy St. Patrick's Day is stamped on white paper, scalloped and outlined with a gel-pen and 4 green studes placed in each corner. The inside of the card is blank.

This second card is layered with two large shamrocks and 4 little punched out shamrocks taking up the slack. The Happy St. Patrick's Day is stamped on paper and the edges scalloped and then outlined with a gel-pen. The embellished with black yarn. The inside of the card is blank.

This 3rd card was made alittle different then most of my cards, I got the idea from a tutoral on YouTube. They were actually showing how to make the bow, which was really unique. Really not sure if I can explain it but I will try. Take a piece of ribbon and tie a loose knot then draw another piece of ribbon through that loose knot and tighten from both ends. The bow will actually lay flat, then you can secure the ribbon to the back of the card. The card measures 5.50"wide X 4.25"tall. So the green part of the card is glued to the white and opens length wise. The top end is finished off with a scalloped punch. The inside of the card says "celebrate your blessings".

The shamrock is stamped with a heart stamp and then embossed with green and layered on fancy paper. The corner Happy St. Patrick's Day is stamped on paper and outlined with a gel-pen and glued on shiney scalloped paper.

All three of these cards are in my Etsy store and are selling for $3.00 each plus postage. Go to:

I am so looking forward to St.Patrick's Day. Hopefully this year I will be able to buy a slab of corned looking forward to some REAL corned beef sandwiches on rye bread. OH and don't forget sourkraut and mustard.
Well the big game is tomorrow.....USA and Canada Hockey game at the Olympics. Gonna be a great game no matter which way the outcome.

Well, time to close this blog, have to go to my etsy store and put up another card.

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Just4Khix said...

Louise your cards are darling. I haven't even tried St Patrick's Day cards yet. It's also my Dad's birthday, so I've been focused on something interesting for him, and he absolutely HATES green!


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