Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer around the corner

Been awhile since I last wrote something in this blog..........I am sure you have missed me and wondered where I was. Not that anyone is reading this or my other blog at: Not much happening, we have been planting flowers, seeds, herbs, and pulling lots of weeds. Amazing how the weeds can grow with no help from us, but the things that we WANT around us has a hard time growing, germinating and surviving.

It sure has been raining alot these last couple of days, the ground is getting very soggy. Going to be a very good year for the mosquitos.........uge......hate mosquitos, they seem to attack me and never touch JP, must be 'cause he has all that salt in him. I am naturally sweet.....hahahaha.

Card and earring making has been minimal these last couple of weeks, very little inspiration I guess, go through these spurts. Made a really niffty card last night for a friend and mailed it off today............I will have to make another one like if I can find that stamp, at the store, that would be fun too.
I have made Kylie the store manager of "Cards4ubylouise and other treasures" for the month of June. Thought maybe that would drum up business in the store..........but no bites. Have a sale going postage and shipping for the month of June. Been on the forum alot lately, got a few hearts, up to 31 now..........yep, 31 people made me their favorite, maybe there is a buyer amongst one of them. We'll see.
Bought 2 pairs of earrings from another etsy artist, the earrings should be arriving anyday looking forward to receiving them, will take a picture of them and show you what they look like. The price for the earrings was pretty decent, gosh some jewelry can be VERY expensive on Etsy. Got the 2 pair for $14 and that is including postage.
Well, I think I will close this portion of the blog, did you want to see a picture of Kylie the store manager? Here she is: Miss Kylie. We got her from the Osh Kosh Animal Humane Society, she was found as a stray in OK...............she's been a fun dog to have with much personality. She likes me, and can dominate me very well. We got some DVD's called the Dog Whisperer, Ceasar Millan says we need to dominate, be the top dog................whew we have alot of untraining to do.
Well I think it is time to close this blog, getting late and I have to get up and get my jobs off the internet at a decent time tomorrow morning...........another day, another dollar. Have a good day, hope your week is special.

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