Monday, July 31, 2017

I Love This Last Post of July......Yayyyyy

Hi there everyone. I don't know about you, but this month of July was a really tough one. Financially, spiritually and emotionally oh and physically!!!. I love this post because it's the last one of July and hopefully August will be a little bit more forgiving.
So where does one start???? Well here's a good place.....July 5th I got on the scale and decided to start another DIET!!! This time with Dr. Atkins. It's a high protein, low carbs, low sugars and sodium. And the weight lost??? 10 lbs!!! Dr. Atkins was very popular back in the 70's and 80's. Some where's in between there, I tried the Atkin's diet for a while...but did not stick to it. 

There is another diet out there, called the Keto diet. They say it is Dr. Atkins on steroids....not sure why. Guess I will have to compare the two and see what the difference is.

Going into August I want to try for another 10lbs. I will let you know how things go. Also, on August 22nd I have another A1C blood check. So I would like to see those numbers down and controlled. My eventual goal is to have lost 50-75 lbs and controlled blood sugars and blood pressure. So I don't have to be on medication anymore. Plus I have lots of clothes I could finally wear again. 

Financially.....Our Mortgage Co. decided to sell us to another Co. after 15 years.....I was bummed. We had to jump through a few hoops. My previous Co. did not even inform us, when suddenly I get a letter from the new company. Almost threw it out, cause I thought it was junk mail. We were given 3 days to make the change. If mailed before the 12th then send mortgage to the previous Co. if mailed after the 13th mail to the new company. Geez, talk about confusion. So I made the check out to the previous Company but then thought I should send it to the new, bad move. I called the new company 2 times...then it was decided I should stop payment and mail a new check to the new company, registered mail. Needless to say our mortgage payment was very, very late.

We are going to get a privacy fence put up in our yard by habitat for humanity. We had to come up with 10% of the fencing. The other 90% will be paid back when and if we sell our house. Which we are not planning to do at this point in time. 

The last payment for our house taxes was due this month to the tune of $420 which was hard to come up with, but we managed. In the midst of drum up some extra money, I finally wrote some claims out to our Ins. Co. AFLAC came through with $400.....that sure helps a lot. I still have a few more claims to fill out for 2017. They might even pay for my surgery in January for my eye lids.

Needless to say all these problems caused much stress and high emotions. I took a few pills I got from my Doctor that calms the nerves.

Spiritually speaking, In all this, I wondered where God was......sometimes it is hard to see the hand of God in my personal life. I guess that is why hind site is better then fore site. Looking back I will be able to see God's hand in all that took place in July. But right's kinda hard.

Well, time to close here. JP will be home in 20 minutes, so I better get his dinner cooked. Which I already made. Stuffed chicken breast with asparagus and cheese....gosh the chicken was tender. Oh suppose there will be fruit and fries and toast. Sounds good, huh??

Have a great day, keep looking up, better days are coming. 
Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, I hate that about your mortgage. It almost sounds underhanded. I am praying August will be good to you. Dr.Adkins diet works. I did it one year after retiring lost 20 pounds. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

NanaDiana said...

You had a hard month all the way around, Louise. Well, maybe the worst is behind you now. I hope so. I hate when those mortgage companies do that and there is never even any warning. It just happens and you find out afterwards.

I lost about 80 pounds years ago on the Dr. Atkins plan and kept most of it off. Just try to stay on it because once you get off it--well, it's really hard to get back 'on'.

Hope you have a great week, Louise. I am so anxious for you to get your fence up. That is going to be wonderful! xo Diana

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Susie.....Thanks for the prayers....I do hope August is better and Dr. Atkins continues to work. Now when I go to the store all I see is carbs and sugars bouncing around at my feet. As long as they stay there, I will be happy. Lol

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Diana....6 more weeks and the fence will be in. I can hardly wait. Definetly will take pictures of the fence. Wow...that is really good to loose 80 lbs with Atkins. I guess it is a lifestyle to stick with. worries are not fun and then when the mortgage plays games with your life....make for much stress.


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