Monday, July 3, 2017

Fences, X's and Solar Toys

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a lovely 4th of July week-end. Thought I would share with you how my little fencing looks....the neighbors are finally putting up their privacy fence, which will be nice for my side of the yard. So in the mean time I put up this bamboo fencing which camouflaged the junk in their backyard. It was hard to look at "their stuff" every day from my kitchen window. It did not bother my husband.....but it sure was depressing to me. 

I don't know about you, but when I have to do dishes and I look out my window and see "a royal mess" day in and day is depressing. So I proceeded to try and make my side of the yard cute and pretty......something nice to look at. But, the neighbor said she thought my stuff was "old people stuff" and she would rather look at her stuff. NOT ME!!!! I tried to stay sweet and tolerant but I BOILED inside!!!!
Tomorrow their fence will be they just put up the posts.
I will take pictures tomorrow of the fencing they put will be a world of difference, I am sure. NOPE! No finished fence today....maybe another couple of weeks, it might be finished. I won't hold my breath.
I still should get some sun, but not sure how much at this point. We will see what transpires. Gosh....maybe I should get a little kiddy pool to sit in when it gets really hot out.....will be nice to have some privacy!!!
This is a really weird picture......"X marks the spot" It was about 8:30am and I let Kylie out to do her business and I noticed this X with a circle around it in our driveway. I don't know where it was coming from....have never seen this before. It must be a reflection from something....but from where??? An unidentified object? As I said, I have never seen this before and we have lived in this house going on 26 years. Maybe it's a sign from heaven????
A few pictures of my solar animals......Jonah the Whale.....a Pink Flamingo and purple petunia's. Just planted these petunia's the other day.
"Bull Frogs and Butterflies and I've been born again" the song goes. So every time I get into the car that's the song that goes through my head. He just keeps moving to the light and makes me smile!!! Now a days, I need more smiles to keep me going.

I took lots of pictures today of flowers and fountains and fences.....maybe I should take a few pictures of some of the cards I have been making...really, I have been working on cards too. I have a couple of months to get some cards ready for Hospice....just taking my time.

You all have a great July 4th tomorrow. We have nothing special planned. We will probably work in the back yard....that's our vacation spot....wish the mosquitoes would leave me alone though. I might get the grill going and but some ribs on.

Keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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