Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mulching My Gardens and the Last Day of April

Hi there everyone.  Well it's the end of the weekend, and another Saturday and Sunday has bite the dust. It's the last day of April and on to the 1st Day of MAY!!! I guess that is a good sign, we are among the living still. Well, as you can see I have been busy spreading mulch. This is just the beginning. I have gotten quite a bit done and our 2 yards of mulch is getting smaller. We have not even started the front yard as yet. We may have to buy some more mulch......the yard sure looks nice though. I like looking out my windows and seeing how much we have accomplished.
I added a few extra things to this garden. A shepherds hook with a red planter and pansies growing in it. Another little cow was added....we inherited a large manger scene, so I thought I would use the animals as decorations. I was going to use the bricks above as a border.....but have since moved them to another spot. The mulch was spread over the large bricks to the right.
Here is "Kylie the Supervisor" watching everything we do....she's a good friend, but she is getting old and losing her sight and hearing. She has an appointment with the Vet on Monday. I am a little afraid of what the Vet might tell me....hopefully it's not all bad news.
So here is that pile of mulch....getting smaller and smaller. I think the squirrel is having fun digging in it too.
And the pile is getting smaller and smaller. I think we will get another 2 yards of mulch....the front yard is in need of some mulch yet. We added just a few places with mulch....and even that looks better then it did. I have to chop some snow on the mountain down and some purple bells down. They look like weeds right now, but when they start growing they look pretty. No pictures yet.
Here is another view of my patio garden and my little walk-way to my other garden, which will be my little sanctuary, I have some 6 foot fencing that I can put up that will shield me from the next store neighbors junk in their back yard....I am soooo sick of looking at their stuff. I think they are hoarders.
Maybe if I make my backyard pretty, they might get the hint and do something with their backyard. Do you think???? So anyways I made this mulched walk way and added the bricks this year....I wanted to do this last year, but never got around to it, course we did not get mulch last year.......this year all my thinking will become reality....I hope. The blue drawer is sitting on an old wheel barrel. I usually plant cucumbers in the wheel barrel, the blue drawer will have flowers or herbs.
Can you see where I am going with this garden....I think it will be a nice place to hide from the world. I picked up some Scotts grass seed that grows in hard places. There is a lot of shade under this tree, so hopefully the seed will grow nicely.
 Last year we had the "Weedman" come and take care of the creeping jennie.....he also killed our grass, now we have green moss growing where the grass was.  I want to add more mulch around the base of the tree and put rock around it so the mulch does not wash away if we have a lot of rain.
Last picture, "Kylie the Supervisor" watching every move I make, making sure I don't take off on her. See my red pot with the pansies growing? I still have to sweep the mulch off the bricks yet.

Oh there is lots of work to be done and if I just do an hours worth of work a day, maybe I won't be so sore and wiped out the next day. I am going to count this as exercise and see if this helps me....I am sure it will. Hopefully I can find a balance somehow.

Well, time to close here for today. Kylie has her Doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I have to get a stool specimen before we leave. So I think that means another walk before we leave...she won't mind. It's when we get to the office that she starts to get nervous. (me too)

You all have a great day and keep looking up ~ better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise


Connie said...

Your yard is looking really nice . . . isn't Spring a busy season, but it is so nice to work outside after going through a long winter. Don't work to hard.
Happy May Day.
Connie :)

Jill said...

Your yard is looking really lovely! I hope all goes well at the vets for Kylie :-) Have a wonderful day!



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