Wednesday, April 5, 2017

French Toast and Image Card Exchanges

Hi there everyone. Well.......I am still in a French Toast mode....sorry I have not changed my previous post.....but it still looks so good to me. Today I made French Toast with French bread, slivers of strawberries, and some Philadelphia "ready to eat" Cheesecake filling and syrup. pictures. All I can say is, it sure was delicious and it was very hard to share with JP, but I did.

Have you ever tried Philadelphia "ready to eat" Cheesecake Filling? All you have to do is pour it into a graham cracker crust and chill. So far, the cheesecake filling has not made it into a pie crust and is just making it into my mouth via strawberries and French toast and such. SShhhhhhhh......I've not shared this with JP as yet, he would eat it all in one sitting....yes he would!!!!

Last November I joined a Stamping Group. We send 12 stamped images or die cuts to the person whose name we have and someone sends us 12 stamped images or die cuts. We then make a card for our selves and one for the person whose name we have. So altogether we have stamped 14 images or die cuts. Then, at the revealing party, we find out who had our name and visa versa. We bring the cards we made for the person who had our name.  Following are the cards I made, using the images I sent to my secret stamper and the images she sent to me.

In the picture above, I sent my secret stamper the gold snowflake on black card stock....this is what I came up with.
My secret stamper sent me the Santa tag, I colored it in and let the tags sit for awhile, because I could not think of how to incorporate the tag into a card. Suddenly one day I got this idea to just make a present, add the ribbon and stick the tag on it...oh and I learned how to make a double bow with my two fingers. WALA...a present!
I sent my secret stamper 12 images of this vintage Santa Claus....This is what I came up with. This would not be a card that could be sent through the mail too easily.
My secret stamper lady sent me these silver hearts. The only thing I could think of is to add them to a vintage valentine.....good enough.
I sent my secret stamper lady 12 of these die cut trees....this was an easy peasy card.
I sent my secret stamper 12 of these love mice....I distressed these  two mice then brushed them with pearlex. I sent her 12 love mice stamped in black and white. I finally made these love mice into cards last a later post I will show you how they ended up.
I sent my secret stamper these snow men....I still have to make a card out of them yet. I still have two weeks to think about and finish this card.
My secret stamper sent me these bunnies. All I did was color in the back ground, they have hung around for a couple of months..finally turned them into cards last night....they turned out cute. I probably will make a couple of these cards for Hospice too. She also sent me 12 images of a golf ball on a Tee. I surely did not know what to do with the golf ball, till I remembered I have a vintage golfer taking a swing. I am working on that card tonight and when finished will show it in the next post.

My secret stamper is behind in her sending, she did not send March's image and April is yet to come. I contacted the lady that runs this group to let her know the lady that has my name is late in sending images. This isn't the first time this has happened, November and December did not come till January. Sure is frustrating..why join a group if you cannot follow through...makes no sense to me and takes the fun out of even doing this.

The reveling party is on the 23rd of this I shall meet whoever had my name....if she even shows up. I may or may not sign up for a second time. It's fun doing this IF the other person holds up their end. Oh well, enough of my complaining.

I will take pictures of the images sent my secret stamper lady and what they looked like after I turned them into cards. Oh and pictures of the cards of the Easter Bunny, Snow Man and love mice.

I need to close this post now and go have a piece of coconut cream pie. That was my project for tonight. Also made dinner for JP. When he comes home at 1:30am he will have chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and vegies and some pie and fruit. Good enough. Now I shall go downstairs and ride my bike for 2 miles and finish up my Hospice cards for Friday.

Have a great night and keep looking up~~better days are coming!!
Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

What fun to send those secret stamper things back and forth and be surprised by what you get. I love that idea.
That Philly Cream Cheesecake stuff sounds delicious. Too good, maybe? lol I can OD on that. I think sugar is my drug of choice.
I bet you had some nice weather there today. I know we had it here.
Love to you- xo Diana

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Diana....thanks for stopping by. Yeah, it is fun to see what I get and how the card turns out. Just wish I had a secret stamper that kept up her end of things. Oh that Philly cream cheesecake is delicious...and yes too good. I have it hidden in the back of the frig so Louise can have a few spoonfulls now and then. Yes, nice weather today, it's supposed to be nice for the next couple of weeks according to my internet weather station. Enjoy!!!

Connie said...

Good Morning Louise, You stamping ladies sound like your having so much fun sharing your ideas and cards. I used to do a lot of paper crafting . . . I really need more time in my days to do everything that I love to do. You are an inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend.
Connie :)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Connie...thanks for stopping by. are the inspiration. I am amazed at all that you seem to get done in one day. I think you use every minute of the day. The weekend is supposed to get in the 70's time to get the yard cleaned up.

Biz said...

I love the snowmen!! Just catching up with you Louise - hope all is well with you and hopefully winter is at it's tail end. Although it was 67 degrees when I left my office and it dropped 20 degrees on my hour train ride home - so crazy!



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