Sunday, December 11, 2016

I Love This Song "Jerusalem"

Hi there everyone....Thought you would enjoy this beautiful song....I sure do like it, no, I mean love it. Could listen to it over and over again. Bet it is even better being there to experience the Worship.

Well, today we watched the snow, snowing and JP shoveling it. Good thing, it was light snow. I watched the Packers win 38-10 and I watched the Chicago Blackhawks win 3-1. Good games today.

We didn't go to church today because of the snow. Our travels to Forest Junction (round trip) is 32 miles, to watch Jimmy Swaggart Ministries from Baton Rouge, LA on the big screen 60" at church. So, because of the snow, JP did not want to go, I am glad. I can watch the Church service on my little screen 32" at home.

I got most of my village up (will take pictures soon)....tomorrow I will work on Christmas cards. Maybe Tuesday I can get them into the mail along with Pop's Christmas present, a box of cookies and candy, headed for LasVagas. All will be well.

Next thing on the agenda is my card making day on Wednesday at Betty's. We have a little party, snacks and making cards and exchange little gifts. My next blog I will show you what I made for the ladies. My snack, will be "angel eggs" I am figuring for now....I can get a free dozen of eggs at Pic n Save this week, if I spend another $25.00.....we'll see about that.

So much business for Christmas and to think it is not even Jesus' birthday. I have heard that he actually was born in April. December 25th is a day to remember Him.

Anyways, I am getting most everything done....then I can enjoy Christmas....I guess. Still have to buy something for JP but I have to wait till I get some $$$ and the pay check is coming 1 day before Christmas Eve (I don't shop on Christmas Eve). JP's SS is coming 3 days before Christmas Eve. My SS comes 3 days after that won't work well either. Oh well, he already got some socks and he is getting a hair cut from what more does a guy need??? He will probably give me some money to go buy myself something....I will wait till after Christmas for the sales.

Well, I suppose I should cut this post short. Hope you enjoy the song Jerusalem. Keep looking up....better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise


Missy George said...

I enjoyed and am enjoying the song..Thanks for sharing..I have everything done except my cards..I'm tempted not to send any this year..not as many for sure..We'll see how the week plays out..Have a nice week..

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Missy....glad you like the song. I am almost done too except for cards and I am cutting down my list too. So many people I sent cards to last year and years before and they don't send back. So yeah the list is smaller.

Biz said...

That was a beautiful song. I hadn't thought of Jimmy Swaggert since my grandma was alive!

I got my snowman card!!!! I absolutely love it - the detail is amazing and I will cherish it forever. Thank you so much!!!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Biz....Glad you liked the song...his music is so soothing to the soul. Oh good, glad you got the card. I was finishing up my cards to send and wondered if I had sent you I know I did.


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