Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Card's Made at Betty's Today

Hi there everyone.....Hope you had a wonderful day. My day started out with Blood and urine test at 11am....I sure cannot figure out my blood sugars. When I got up they were 160. By the time I got to the clinic it was 236 by the time I got home it was 210, I have not checked since. Hopefully my A1C will be okay (but I have a feeling it won't be). Anyways, I was done at 11:15, we got home by 11:30. I had a hard boiled egg, then left for Betty's.

Got to Betty's 12noon and we sat down to make these lovely cards. I took the pictures there, after each card, the background is lousy....just a white paper towel, I usually use white shiny material when taking pictures....there's the difference, much prettier.
This was the last card we made....but I am making it the first card.....such a pretty card. The trees and cardinals are die cuts, the background is a shiny green card stock run threw the cuttlebug and "Silent night Holy night embossed in white. Hopefully Betty can pick up this die cut for me at the convention this weekend.
This seascape card was fun, colored in with copic markers, glue was applied in the places where we wanted the glitter to show. The blue background was run through the cuttlebug as was the white background.......looks like I got it a little crooked there...oh oh.
Another fun card. All die cuts to make this card look like a penguin????
Now if you are a Packer would like this card. Packers have lost their last 3 games.....hope they get back into their winning form before it is too late!!! But this was a fun card to make, as are all the cards we make. Packer mouse in Packer colors, I got the cheese head a little too dark I think it's more of a Cheddar cheese head. The mouse and fence were colored in with Copic markers. Betty had the sign made....she said, but I wasn't listening. I seem to get lost in coloring. The background was patterned paper.
Last but not least, another pumpkin pie. Nope, this one is all eaten up and gone....time to make another one....yum, JP won't complain.

Well, time to close this post, I need to get downstairs and make some cards. Hospice meeting is on the 2nd of December. We will be going out for breakfast...yum, can hardly wait.

I joined another group of card makers. It's called the "Secret Image Group". There are 19 participants. We stamp, emboss or die cut 14 of the same design/images. Make two cards with that image and keep it till the reveal party and one for your secret partner then send the 12 images to your secret image partner. I hope I got that right.

So anyways....something new will be added to my blog....Secret Images that I send and receive and the cards made through this fun new group. I am sure it will be fun.

Have a great day and keep looking up ~ better days are coming!!
Cheers ~ Louise


Evelyn Mayfield said...

Even though I read all your posts, I don't always take time to comment but two things stand out in my mind from recent posts. First, I will keep your husband in my heart and prayers for easy treatment(s) of his cancer, and that it goes much better than expected. Second, I think I noticed that your birthday is tomorrow and in case my PC is acting up, I'll be early and say: Just a little note to say
Hope you have a Happy Day
Hope your year is happy, too
And all your secret dreams come true.
Happy Birthday!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thank you Evelyn. I read your posts everyday, but don't always leave a comment. Thanks on my birthday.

Brenda in IN said...

Great cards, I really love that first one. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Brenda....thanks on the cards. You have a nice Thanksgiving also with your family.


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