Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OH ~ NO How Can it be???

Hi there everyone....OH NO.....Christmas cards in the making. How do you like them...they actually are last years models. I bought the stamps and dies last year but never found the time to use them and was already making other Christmas card ideas.

So, I decided these will be my cards for this year. I don't have a lot made...this is just a start...but hey this is only October and I am already ahead of the game. I have about 35-40 people on my card list and I want to make at least 20-30 cards for Hospice using these cards.....so, I have maybe 70 or so cards to make????? With a few left over for just in cases. OH and then there is Etsy at least 10 cards each there (90 cards....hope I don't get board....maybe I will change them around a bit.) Guess that is why I need a head start for this year. Lol!!!
Between these two cards which one do you like the best....the top with 3 trees in blue, then stamped with black? I was trying a technique I saw last year and really liked it......helped a lot more using my "Misti" My thoughts? I like this card better, does not seem so busy with all the trees.
Or this card with 6 blue trees and not stamped in black??? Maybe if I made this card in the "landscape" position it would not look so busy. I shall try that idea tonight in my card making session. Doesn't hurt to try different things and ideas.
So here is a picture of the cards all stacked together....yeah, guess I have been busy lately.

I really need to get outside and winterize the house and put things away. I guess by this weekend we will be having some frost....so I better get my tomatoes in so they don't freeze.

Ceramic animals need to go into hibernation in the shed, and we need to cut things down and oh, oh the leaves are starting to fall....I will leave you with that one thought....it's a sure sign that winter is right around the corner.
In this card, are the die cuts I bought last year and never used.....I really like this card....but can't decide if I want to leave the top part white or color the sky in....still trying to decide.
I kinda like the top card, looks a bit more cleaner to me.
Here are all the cards together....fun to make, I rather like die cutting, it's like 1,2,3, and it is all done. Sequins, speckles and gems always add to the card.
So yesterday I had the "DirectTV" man at our house for about 4 hours. I changed from Uverse to Direct. Now we have a big Dish on our house......but hey, maybe I won't have to call At&t 3-4 times a hear to have them fix something and then get someone from a foreign country whom I cannot understand!!!!!

So now I have a phone number to call direct to "DirectTV" and skip the person I can't understand. So far so good....I even found a channel that has all day Hockey....now if that isn't fun, I really like hockey, maybe even more then football. At least one thing is for sure....hockey players stand for the National Anthem and if they don't, they can't play hockey that night. HA!!! take that Kapernack!!!

After getting DirectTV installed, I am supposed to get a $300 gift card from Sam's Club....that will be neat, maybe I will get a new TV or an Ipad or something I would never buy for myself.....or maybe use it to get food for a couple of months....have not decided yet. Whatever I get, it will help lots.

I have started a couple of other posts but have not finished them as yet. Sunday I went to a Stampin'Up Camp and need to finish that post and the third post I started but did not finish....just may not get finished....I was in a slump of sorts and am finally climbing out of whatever it was, must be the change in weather that effects me. I know my eyes were itching a lot....so I must have had allergies or something.

Well, time to close, need to walk Kylie around the block and for sure tonight I need to ride my stationary bike for 4-5 miles tonight. I missed last night, so I need to make up some time.

You all have a great couple of days and I will see you then, keep looking up, cause better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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