Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yep...I have been missing again!

Hi there everyone.....yep...as my title says, I have been missing again. Mostly because, for the past week my computer and TV has been acting up. OH I have tried EVERYTHING, pulling plugs, cleaning files and cookies, optimized, checking this plug and that plug. FINALLY I analyzed that it had to be AT&T and something in their system. MY COMPUTER WAS CLEAN!!!!! The TV is old but it kept freezing up and then would give me a message of what I had to do. So finally I called AT&T....a call I dread. BUT they fixed the problem and everything is working again. FOR NOW. I tell ya...the trouble one must go through to get things to work again!!!!

Well, on to nicer things. tomatoes growing....oh yum I can hardly wait for those BLT's!!!!!
This is a meal I made for JP last week.....I was getting silly and this looked so much like the jolly green giant....had to embellish him with some eyes and mouth.
For our 43rd wedding anniversary.......I bought a dozen red roses for $2.98......yep that is right, not a bad price huh????
This is the wonderful chocolate cream pie I bought from Schwans....swoonnnnnnnn. I shall order this again. We ate it while frozen, so it was like eating ice cream.
Saturday's special lunch for JP was Lox, bagels, cream cheese, onions and tomatoes oh and vegies and dip. Lox and bagels is one of his favorite meals.
Here is the card I made for JP.....a light house.......Jesus is the light of the world!!
Today we had our teeth cleaned....I had a clean bill of health and JP needs 3 teeth filled. We are still waiting to hear when JP's appointment for a biopsy of the prostrate is. I will be having a mammogram this month also....yeah I thought we could be done with Doctors for awhile...but no, not this month.

Well, time to close here....have to go ride my bike for a couple of miles. Have a great day and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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