Sunday, September 11, 2016

This Week........

Hi there everyone. Hope you are enjoying this wonder fall like weather....I am. I see a lot of yard work in my future these next few weeks. I think I shall have to cut back on some gardening for next year....not so much or so I say now.....lets see if I stick to my guns!!!
So this past week I received a couple of convo's via my Etsy Store. The lady wanted 6 of these flamingo cards, 3 thank you and 3 birthday. I have been diligently working on these cards the last few days....once they are finished I shall put them in my store for her to pick up...hopefully she will follow through. Sometimes I never quite trust someone that has no history of buying from Etsy stores and I seem to be the first one. Oh well, the cards are still mine if she does not pick them up. Oh and plus she wanted a price cut....can you believe that??? I am not sure what people expect, I told her it would take me a week or so, because each card has a lot of work in each card and hand colored too!! So, needless to say, I will not be making that much on these cards.
Today I attended the funeral of this young man....Joshua, the son of our Pastor and his wife Mary. Gosh this was a sad time. He died in a car accident last Sunday. I made this card for Joshua last year when he graduated from High School. Needless to say, there was a very long line of people and most of them friends of Joshua's from school and work. There were pictures surrounding us of Joshua....he lived a full life.....that he did. He will be missed very much.
Here is another big daisy blooming in front of our house. I started this guy from seed. I wonder if heaven is full of Sonflowers?!?!?!
A drawer full of "rose moss"....they are finally starting to bloom. The squirrel likes to dig around here and pull up the little plants......gosh I get so mad at those squirrels.
My swan.....usually she gets geraniums planted in her.....this year....inpatients and just left her in the shade. She is starting to look really pretty.
Last but not least.....a lonely little Black Eyed Susan in amongst star Clementius. Many, many stars and one lonely one daisy.

Here is what the side of my porch looks like right not this gorgeous or what???? When the flowers die and the leaves turn brown, we will cut it all down to it's bare stems, I might cover it with some leaves, but not a lot. She grows like crazy...I even cut her back some  this summer and she took off!!!! Don't do a whole lot of fertilization either, gosh if I did, who knows where she might go...up on the roof?

So this week, I have a mammogram...not looking forward to that. I just don't like my boobs squished....nope, not a whole lot.  The nurse told me it would not hurt as last mammogram was 11 years ago and things have changed a lot. I sure do hope she is not lying to me....don't like liars very much!!!!

Well, time to close, I have some ribs in the oven, slow cooking, it is time to put some BBQ sauce on them, so we can eat about 7:30, kind of late....but the funeral took some time to get through. Then when I got out of the funeral....JP had been waiting in the car, he left the lights on and wore the battery no juice to get home. Joshua's brother-in-law gave us a jump and we were able to get home....whew, answer to prayer.

You have a great week and keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

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