Monday, August 8, 2016

Flamingo's in Color

Hi there, all four of you!!! Hope you are having a good day. Looks like the next couple of days will be getting warmer again. Ish....I wish I was a flamingo and could have my feet in the water all the cooling would that be??? So what color Flamingo would you like to be???

I am trying to figure out what in the world these flamingo's eat that make them the different colors that they are. Pink flamingo's are pink because they eat a lot of shrimp. But then what is it the others eat. One of the pictures captions said it depends on the algea in the water which causes the color change. But whatever it is, it sure makes for spectacular birds.
So here is the Pink Flamingo that we are used to seeing. Maybe a little lighter and more peachy.
A BLUE Flamingo!!
A GREEN Flamingo!!!
A YELLOW Flamingo......WOW did you notice???? Green Bay Packer Colors.....Go Packers!!!!
A MULTI-Colored Flamingo!!
A TOUQUOIS Flamingo!!!
VIOLET Flamingo's!!!
A WHITE & PEACH Flamingo's
RED Flamingo's
Last, but not least, BLACK and WHITE Flamingo's. All these pictures were copied from Pinterest and saved in my computer. I have pinned all these birds in "Flamingo's - My favorite Bird" on Pinterest.

The only reason I can think of, that why I love Flamingo's is because my Dad did. As a child we would go down to Florida a lot. My dad would take pictures of flamingo's, framed them and hang them on the every day, (as a child) I would pass those pictures and admire those birds. The pictures, many years later were lost in a flood and had to be thrown away. But, they are forever stuck in my memory. Hope you enjoyed my Flamingo post....I did.

Not too much going on this week. Maybe just work in the yard, tending to the tomato and cucumber plants....I still have so much I wanted to do. Then there are my cards, Hospice meeting in a day at a time I guess.

You all have a great day (lol...all four of you) and keep looking up, better days are coming!!! Cheers ~ Louise

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Elena Kozinenko said...

Thank you Louise for nice pictures and cheerful mood!


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