Saturday, August 13, 2016

Been Busy Making Cards

Hi there everyone. Well, just as I said in my last post, that I would show you some of the cards I have been making....when the creative juices are flowing, you must go with the flow......or it dries up!!! Lol!!!

Hope you had a nice Saturday. But for some, it was not so good, there were many people in the Baton Rouge area whose homes flooded. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries was flooded and services are cancelled for tomorrow. So we will be seeing last week's service.....I hope there was not a lot of damage.
So here are some of the cards I have been working on these past few days and weeks. This lovely maiden is my most recent card. She is a digital and I paid $4 for her. There are two more digital maiden's that I want to get.....but I don't have enough in my paypal account to buy them yet.

I copied this one to my computer and ran her off on card stock. I can do just about anything I want with her and even color her dress different colors.....I think my two nieces will be getting this card for their birthday this year and next.

I put her in my Etsy store tonight for $3.50 + postage $2.50... I know, it's the postage that kills the sales but I can't very well give my cards away.....can I???? I do add a bonus card to my sales though, hope that compensates for the high postage.
"Happy Birthday Bluebirds of Happiness in Orange" I stamped and embossed the birds and flowers a couple of years ago and just recently turned it into a card. Smudged some gold paste on the card, it added a little depth $3.50 + postage.
"A Pink Flamingo Thank You" I love this elegant. Colored with Copic markers and Wink of Stella and of course some gold paste to add depth. $3.50 + postage.
A Purple Violet Hello Greeting" Sometimes I don't know what to do with a card and then something pops as I put the card together....that is what happened here. Colored the flower with copic markers and outlined with a gel pen. I had a bunch of these Hello tags made and just added it to the pansy with a bunch of purple sequins for pazazzzzzz!!! (oh I know, spell checker such word!!! But in my world, there is pazazzzzzzz)
"Live Laugh Love Thinking of You" This is another one of those "adult color" stamps that I picked up. Have you tried your hand at adult coloring, it is amazing how relaxing this is. I am so glad I have the creative juices to turn these works of art into a card.
Happy Birthday Bluebird of Happiness in Turquoise" Same as the orange card up above.
"The Frogs Have It Birthday Card" This is a print of a frog. I liked the idea of the background and frame and made lots of these cards....I need to put a few more cards like this up.
"Adult Coloring Birds and Flowers Thinking of You" These two cards actually go with the two cards in my banner. This is a set of 4 cards for $10 + postage.

So there you have it....a taste of some of the cards I have been working on. A lot of these cards will be going to Hospice and then there are some that I made a couple years ago that will end up in the Hospice box.....yeah, I have a LOT of cards. Probably more then I will ever use. I can't remember the last time I bought a card.

Well, time to close.....I need to go to my favorite place.....the basement to make some more cards. Have a great rest of the weekend and keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

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