Thursday, May 5, 2016

Busily Working on Cards and Eating

Hi there is your day going??? It's a beautiful sunny day and the temps are in the 60's. I guess the next few days will be warmer and Saturday will be in the 80's.....Spring has Sprung!!!!! Such a nice time of the year. I am hoping to work outside the next few days. Get some things done and pull some weeds.

I will be visiting my neighbor on Saturday, who has been sick and home-bound for 8 weeks. She is going stir-crazy and needs company. I will take her a card...something like the one below.
These two cards were made with the Stampin'up "Rose Wonder" stamps and die cut. Gosh they make a beautiful card. I have been really enjoying playing with this set. So much can be done with this beautiful rose.
I think I showed you this card earlier, but layered the flowers on grey card stock with black background. I bought this new punch, wavy circles. Like the look it gives.
I have added these cards to my box of Hospice cards for this month....I am sure they will be liked. Below is another  "Rose Wonder" pretty. The meeting is tomorrow, so tonight all I have to do is add the inserts to the cards and if I have time add a few more cards. I have so many cards, but some are just not suitable for someone who is dying.
Blue Apron Day is today.....I have a box coming, I look forward to my boxes and the next few days of cooking. I call it my "Culinary School" for 3 days of cooking. I have learned so much and have enjoyed the different tastes that Blue Apron avails to us novice cooks. Well, I guess I can't say novice, because I have been cooking food for 46+ years.

There was a time that you could not even get me to peel potatoes and boil them and then I would scorch them because I got side tracked and forgot they were cooking....uge!!!
This was a really yummy recipe "Seared Chicken with Sauteed Purple Potatoes, Kale and Apple" I really enjoyed making it. The chicken breast was salt and peppered and placed in oil, browned and cooked through, then left to rest while the vegies cooked. Butter and 1/2 cup water is added to the fond, scraping up any fond from the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat and pour over the meat and vegetables.

The vegetables: purple potatoes (where do I find purple potatoes???????) diced, 1 onion diced, kale roughly chopped and 1 Granny apple diced. Cook the potatoes till tender, add the onions (don't forget the salt and pepper) then add the kale and apple and 2 Tbl water. Stirring, till the kale is wilted. Slice almonds, mustard and 2 Tbl. water was added and (salt and pepper)

Place vegetables on plate, top with the chicken and pour the fond over.......oh this was really good, 5 stars for sure!!!!

Note: one thing I have decided is to not add as much salt and pepper as their recipes call for because EVERYTHING is salted and pepper in every step. So, no, not so much salt please.
This was another card in the Hospice card collection.....I really like this card, I have not used these stamps in a very long time and thought they would make for a nice Father's Day card......I was right!!! I need to make more of these cards and put them in my Etsy store for sure. My step father might like one too, eh, maybe one for JP too.

Well, that's about it for today, you all have a great day and keep looking up.....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise


Biz said...

Your dish looks restaurant worthy! I've seen purple potatoes at places like Whole Foods and Fresh Market - my regular grocery store doesn't carry them.

Do you ever see your daughter for Mother's Day? Hope you have a wonderful weekend - the weather sounds amazing!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Biz...thanks on my restaurant worthy dish. Well, no purple potatoes at Walmart, I shall have to take a day and go to Woodmans. We don't have a Whole Foods or Fresh Market...Maybe Milwaukee does. Will have to check my Regular store too.

No, I don't ever see Tiffany on Mother's Day, she doesn't even send a love lost there I guess.


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