Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some Hospice Cards

Hi there everyone. This will be a quickie post. (I am thinking) As you can see, I have been busily working on some cards for Hospice. The meeting is next Friday, sooooo, I need to get a stock pile of cards made and get some Father's day cards made also.
The stamps above are from Stampin'up, I really liked the way the cards turned out, I may not give them all to Hospice, as I can think of a few people that need a card on my end.
When I was rummaging through some old card stock, I ran across this froggy and thought he would make a cute card. "Never, never throw things out, you never know when you can use them again." That should be my motto, as I think this guy has been hanging around for a long time and he finally got made into a card.
In the above picture is my new die cut from Stampin'up called "Rose Wonder" I have the stamp that goes along with this die cut, but I rather like the effect that this gives. Makes for a nice Birthday card.
Here are my "crazy birds" from Tim Holtz.....I had them laying around also and thought they would go good on these cards....again, never throw anything away.
These are some quick Thank you cards, using washi tape and graph paper for the background and my die cuts and butterflies to embellish the cards with a few sequins.

Well that about covers post, maybe some Father's day cards. So tomorrow I am getting a box from Blue Apron....I look forward to that once a month. It's like going to culinary school for 3 days and learning and tasting something new.

You all have a great couple of days, I'll post something about Blue Apron. Oh and by the way.....I am still in mourning about my Chicago Blackhawks losing and not going on to win the Stanley Cup (sob).

Keep looking up....better days are coming (I keep telling myself that, but I am still waiting.)
Cheers ~ Louise

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Biz said...

I wish Blue Apron would have worked out for us, but with Hannah and Jacob being pretty picky eaters, I couldn't justify the cost - I do look forward to your creations though!



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