Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Old Stove ~ New-Used-Stove

Hi there are you doing this fine day????? My Hawks are in the Stanley Cup Playoff's, they are playing the St. Louis Blues, so far the score is 0-0 and we are in the 3rd period!!!!
I will let you know the score at the end of this post.....Go Hawks!!!

Well, as you can see....I got a new (used) stove (please scroll down two pictures)....the white stove which finally matches my refrigerator, pretty cool, huh???
So the above picture is my old Norge, it came with this house when we bought it in 1991, so yeah, I had it for 25 years and who knows how long it has been within this house. It was "on it's last legs" as the appliance man said. It was working on only 2 burners, the timer and clock did not work, the oven door did not close all the way, so heat escaped  when baking and the oven door handle fell off dozens of times, finally I had JP grey tape it back, I got tired of opening the door and the handle would come off....geez!!!
In the above picture is the old stove all cleaned and ready to hit the rode....I shall miss, not so much!!! (notice my lovely yellow walls (Rebuilding Together painted my kitchen and I have been adding the back-splash, a little at a time, I need to get another package at Menards this week and finish the bottom part. I seem to splatter a bit.) is my new (used) Amana stove. The appliance man said this stove is from the 2000' yeah, a little bit newer. A digital clock, timer, oven cleaner, it even shows the temp as it is preheating too. The heating elements get hotter faster too. I have a feeling when I fry a steak in the pan, I will actually be able to hear the sizzle of the steak....can hardly wait!!!

I am really enjoying this new stove and have been cooking up a storm. Last night I roasted a whole chicken.....tried a new recipe, no, I did not take a picture, I guess I forgot.
Tonight, I made this Cheesy Asparagus Tart with Hollandaise Sauce. If you are interested in this recipe, I think you might find it here. Yummy, this was really good. When JP comes home I will heat it up and a ham loaf from Easter Sunday. There will be Chicken soup from the roasted chicken last night. I love making Chicken two pots are ever the same.
In this picture.....I am making a chocolate/peanut butter cake with fudge frosting. I have not taken a picture of the finished product. You will have to come back in a few days to see what it looks like!!!
Well time to close here for a few days....have to go finish my cake and watch the rest of the Hockey game....we are in overtime..score is still goodness!!! This is just the first game for them with 6 more to go. I think, who ever wins 4 games, wins, then it's on to the next team. Just this one series will last 2 all, the hockey teams will be playing into June. I sure don't remember the season lasting this long when I used to see the games in Chicago back in the 60's....course then there was only 6 there is 30 teams (if I calculated right). 

Aw....shucks....St. Louis scored!!! 1-0!!!! Well, there's 6 more games to go with St. Louis.

You all have a great day and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, a cooking stove is as personal to a woman as a truck is to a man. I had my MIL stove, that she used for 20 years, I used it 31 years myself. When we moved here It needing to be out with the old and I bought a new one. I can't say if it's because it LP instead of natural gas...but I wish I had my old well loved stove back. I hope you enjoy and love your new stove. Hugs to you, xoxo,Susie

Evelyn Mayfield said...

I'm so happy for you and your new/old stove. I understand completely. I'm dealing with one that came with the almost-40-year-old mobile home I'm in - the wall oven is gone kaput and I can only bake in an old toaster oven. The gas stove-top unit - well, one back burner turns on immediately and fully; the one next to it will light sometimes without a match and goes almost all the way up; the two front burners will light only with a match and one of them only burns low-to-medium (lol) so I'm thrilled that you no longer have to deal with similar issues! Hugs and prayers.


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