Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Will March Go Out Like A Lion Or Like a Lamb?

Hi there everyone. How is your Wednesday going so far? I typed this last night, but posting today. I have been a bit laxed with my Blog and Etsy Store...which means I have not been making many cards either. Oh, I have lots of ideas....but sometimes getting down to the basement is a chore, so I don't go. Sure do hope my energy comes back. Guess cloudy days does this to me. I am so looking forward to Spring....well at least more sun and warmer days. Most of the snow from our snow storm last Thursday has melted. That was a foot of snow we had, I was surprised my little crocuses survived....they are still blooming!!!

Wonder if my spirit and soul is still blooming before God after the storms have passed like those little crocuses??? Wonder, wonder?
Probably will be going out to the store in an hour or so. Have to pick up our meds and go to the "doggie store". Kylie has a gift certificate for $ we want to see what we can get for her....maybe a new collar or something.

Nothing special going on here. Maybe that is why I have not been blogging much. Getting my Blue Apron box of food tomorrow, I always look forward to that and learning something new. We had to get some new front tires for the car yesterday. In the Fall, we will get another set of new tires for the rear end of the car.

All the big elite presidential candidates are coming to Wisconsin this week. Governor Walker endorsed Ted Cruz and Trump made some wise cracks about Walker.....I think Trump should mind his own business, Walker knows more about running this State then Trump does. Our election day is April 5th.....would be something if Cruz wins this state. Will be interesting to see.

Well, one more day and we will know if March will go out like a Lion or a Lamb.....sure hope it's a lamb!!!

Have a great day and keep looking up....days will get better.
Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Hi Louise, Hope you are feeling better as the day progresses. My day started whacky but is very nice right now. I lost my keys, my husband found them (Big smile) I had to call the lawn man he left a bill in the door and I had prepaid already...his wife said to ignore that bill. :):) The sun is trying to come out. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Biz said...

Hey Louise! Glad all the snow is melted, that's the only good thing about March snow, it doesn't stick around long. Enjoy your next Blue Apron box!


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