Saturday, March 12, 2016

Something Interesting.....Ancestry

Hi there everyone (whoever that may be). Hope you had a wonderful Saturday, it sure went fast, didn't it??? So much to do....I picked up branches in the back yard, filled the bird feeders, gosh they were empty, no wonder there were no birds in our back yard. Oh my gosh, there is so much to do, but I will chip away at the spring clean up of my front and back there is no one to help me this year, like last year, Rebuilding Together landscaped our front and backyard, and it was beautiful!!!!

Today I joined a new group on Facebook. It's called: it's a place to go if you want to learn, and these are some of the main points of learning:
  • To share blog experiences
  • To discuss issues important to bloggers.
  • To help with blogging plateforms and getting started on blogger, WP and Weebly etc.
  • To grow readers and make money from your blog
  • To hear thoughts on genealogy, history, DNA and etc.
These are just a few things, I am sure there is more. Maybe I will be able to get some hints here and there and especially help in trying to find missing people in my family tree. I think as we get older and find that there are not too many family members left around anymore. It's kind of nice to know you still belong some place, because if it was not for your ancestors, you would not be here today passing on the torch of life.
So here is a picture of my Grandfather, Dana Sylvester Yergin, (my mother's father), I am not sure I ever met him as he died when I was 10 years old. Following him and his life has been a little hard, for I have hit many brick walls. He divorced my Grandmother, she living in Chicago and he, in a boarding house with many people in California. When I looked up the census for 1940 that's where I find him, working as a upholsterer for a Car Company. He never graduated High School (only making it to his 2nd year) and I am not sure he was ever in the Army. Nope, don't know much about him. I think though....he was a good looking guy, so was my dad.
My mother never talked of him, only that she lived with him for awhile till her mother came for her from Chicago. My mother always longed to go back out her later years, her and my step-father moved to Las Vegas, my mother loved the mountains and that is where we sprinkled her ashes when she died in 2001.
I have a hard time understanding why everything was so hush-hush, I don't have too many memories of both my grandparents. My Grandmother lived with us till I was 5 years old or so and then one day I walked into her room and she was packing her suit cases. I said, "Where are you going grandma?" She said, "I am leaving, your father does not want me here anymore, so you can have this room!!"
Off she went, and I never saw her again till I was 17 years old and she was dying of lung cancer, it took her life March 16, 1963. My grandmother was glad to hear that my father had died 1961 and that my mother had remarried Pops in 1962.
I have been able to find my 5th great-grandfather, Michael Rhodes Sr. from PA, born 1752, died 1812 and that would be on my mother's side of the family ancestral tree.
So, I guess I have a lot to find and really not sure where to start, I always seem to get bogged down with grandfather and grandmother.
On my Father's side, I have gone back to 2nd great-grandfather, 1867 and 2nd great-grandmother who both were from Germany.
Would be fun to have more pictures then I do of the family, but a lot got lost in the floods over the years and were thrown out.
Well, I guess I better close here, I hope you enjoyed a little bit about my ancestor's accounts. I think I will add this to my interesting things to do besides cards, cooking and gardening.
You all have a great day and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, I do not know much of my grandparents and beyond. I remember seeing my father's father when I was 16 for about 10 minutes. So I like the picture you have of your grandfather. Some families were very good with records and pictures...some had nothing. Wishing you a great Sunday and week ahead. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

What an interesting post, Louise. Your grandfather was a very handsome man. That is sad about your grandmother and I bet you missed her when you were a little girl and she moved out like that. Hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Susie....sad that you did not know your grandfather much either, so hard to understand. Well it will be interesting to find "my people" along the way. I plan on doing something maybe once a week if I will be my grandmother. Thanks for stopping by. I need to comment on you blog, but I need to be in Google Chrome to do that. Many times I comment on blogs and it vanishes....I wrote so much and it goes...oh well. You have a good week too.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Diana......thanks for stopping by, I read your posts everyday, but don't comment only because my comments disappear and I don't feel like typing it again. Yes my grandfather was very handsome, sadly, that is the one of a few pictures I have of him. A lot of pictures got ruined in the basement floods of our house. It would have been nice to know my grandmother, but I guess she did not get along with my father well. Don't really know what their problem was, I was just a little child and things were kept quiet around me. HOpe all is well, and you have a good week.


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