Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some Of This and Some Of That

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a good week. I am just popping in to say hi....nothing special going on this week.

Took the taxes in to the accountant on Monday, hopefully there will be a refund coming. Plans are to buy a new "used" stove. My  old stove is working on only 2 burners, the oven works but the oven door does not close all the way and heat escapes. JP grey taped the handle bar onto the oven door because it kept falling off. The clock and timer do not work, yeah, the oven is in bad shape and needs to be replaced. It's only 25+ years old, I think it has seen it's day.

Oh yeah...and my slow cooking pressure cooker stopped working on Monday, while there was a pork roast cooking in it....geez. Well, I switched it to my old crockpot and finished cooking it in there.

Went to Shopko today to see if I could return it....nope! No receipt and policy is, it can't be over 90 days. I've had the cooker since July, that's like 9 months. So the clerk said contact the manufacturer, sometimes they will replace the appliance for that would be a good thing. As I really enjoyed this appliance, slow cooking, pressure cooker, canning, (never did get to can anything, was planning to do that this summer.) Well, we shall see. Another hoop to jump through, but then life is full of hoops to jump through, isn't it????.

JP and I had our teeth cleaned Tuesday, our smile is a little bit brighter today. We both have lots of work that needs to get done....but have to wait until there is enough "moola" to pay for more work.
Raked some leaves from along side the house, the crocuses were popping up and could not find the sun. Now they are smiling too. Maybe in a couple of days I will work on another section of the yard, doing Spring clean up a little at a time. By the time Summer comes, I should be finished. I have many plans, like I did last summer, maybe this summer I can get those plans done and mark them off my list.
The Chicago Blackhawks played last night, Wednesday.....but lost, oh well, there's always the next game this Friday! I do believe they will be in the Playoffs for the Stanley Cup.....those are always exciting games to watch.
Went shopping today, and maybe tomorrow too, need to check out a few things at Walmart. It's always fun to get out and see what specials Walmart has. 
Time to close, well, I guess I got a lot of things accomplished this week, now we are off and running towards the week-end. Yay for week-ends....but they go sooooo fast.
Have a good day and a great week-end. Keep looking up cause better days are a'coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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