Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Food, Flowers and Crafting

Hi there everyone....hope you are having a good day. Was reading a few blogs today, gosh, a few bloggers are really going through some sad trials. Prayers for you all, only God will see you through.

Then the bombings in Brussels today and Obama in Cuba talking to the Communist and at a baseball game??? I don't know....these are my thoughts, I think he knew about what was going to happen and planned to go to Cuba and after this, he is going to Argentina, is that another Communist country??? Oh my, nothing good is going to come out of all this.

All that happened today, sure got us distracted from the elections, seems the elections took a back seat. It's all a ploy and diversion to get our eyes off of what is going on.....really going on behind the scenes. As I said....nothing good is going to come out of all this, nope, nothing good.

Well, on to a lighter mood.....food, flowers and crafting. So below are a couple of meals I made from Blue Apron. Yep...."Cuban Sandwiches with Sweet Plantain and Kale Salad" Man, this was really good. The Cuban sandwich was made with pork, Swiss cheese, marinated pickles and mustard, the bread was grilled and pressed down....yep, I would do this again. I guess, after reading comments on the "real" Cuban sandwich...it also has ham in the sandwich, I shall try that next time.

Did you ever cook a plantain? Looks like a banana, but is harder and bigger. Peeled and sliced and grilled in oil, then salted. The kale was sliced fine combined with garlic paste and the juice of a lime, salt and pepper. Mixed with the plantain made for a very delicious salad. I gave this meal 5 stars.
This meal was the "Chicken Cacciatore with Fettuccine Pasta & Mushrooms" Oh yummy, this was really good and a very easy meal to put together. The chicken fried in olive oil then cut up in pieces. The mushrooms fried then garlic and red pepper flakes (depending on how spicy you want it) then the tomato sauce and water is added, cooked then the chopped chicken, cooked pasta, butter and some reserved pasta cooking water. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with the Parmesan cheese.

A very delicious Blue Apron meal......another 5 star recipe.
In these next three pictures are my pretty little purple crocuses....
I thought I better take a picture of them from my kitchen window today.....
Because we are supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow and they will be crushed under the weight!!! Pour little flowers, they thought it was spring and all chances of snow had passed.....I guess not.
I saw this on Facebook and had to save it to my files....it brought a chuckle for me today. Would be nice if I had a real craft room, but my craft room is down in the basement. Sometimes it is a bit dreary down there. But it is a good place to run to. I guess I do have a lot of card crafting stuff....but it is an accumulation of 20 years of making cards....yep, I have lots of stuff, but not half as much as some people do, oh well, to each his own.
Well, time to close here. I guess the next few days I will be crafting and making cards.....not planning to go outside in the snow.....one good thing, it won't last long and the temps are supposed to get warmer....at least in the high 40's by this week-end. Anyways, I need to make some cards for Hospice and get some new cards up in my Etsy store, guess I have been MIA there too.

You all have a great day and keep looking up.....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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Brenda in IN said...

This little sign is one I should have in my craft room! I'm behind on my comments but it sounds like you have been busy cooking up a storm. Your flowers are so pretty but I've seen the forecast and you may be saying goodbye to them when the snow comes. Doesn't the weather know spring is here! Still it gives you a chance to make more cards so that is not a bad thing. I was so happy to get back in the groove but now I will be busy for the next several days and don't know when I'll get back to it.


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