Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Finally On A Roll.........

Hi there everyone......hope you had a great "hump day". My day was good. Finally got to go to my friends house to make some has been awhile since I was there....mostly because her road was being it was hard to get into her apartment complex. So we just called off making cards for a couple of months. And, of course I was recouping from my hernia surgery in September. It's been a long hard haul......but we made it through.

These following cards are the ones I made at home....they actually are the backgrounds made from shaving cream and alcohol inks. Here is the post. You can check out what they looked like before embellishing the backgrounds with stamps, gems, iridescent spray and embossed leaves.
I love the way they turned favorite card is of course the red card. I let the shaving cream backgrounds sit around for idea finally came to me to stamp them with my Tim Holtz stamps, actually he was doing a tutorial using these stamps (if you can see them in these pics.) all over one of his backgrounds, I thought, how cool is that. Think I will try that. I sprayed the card with some iridescent spray, then layered the embossed leaves on each card. (that idea came from another card I saw on a card from the internet.)
Again.....the top and bottom pictures are in different colors.....I like that each card is different and unique.
In this picture are all the cards together.
This next picture is the first card we made today. We colored in the leaves and pumpkins and then used some glitter on the leaves....hard to see the glitter, but it really turned out nice.
Now this card was really took a while to make as each little piece of the penguins had to be pieced together. We decided  this card would have to sell for $6 in order to pay for all the time involved and so much work to it.
This was a fun and easy card....I like the leaves, they are a die cut...they almost look like a real leaf, and they colored up really nice.
This was my favorite very pretty. The music stamp comes from "My Daily Bread" and is embossed on a blue card. Then we added the die cuts to embellish the card with flowers, pearls, blue branches and a white branch.
Well, I shall pause here....I am making some matzo soup....and I am sure the matzo is ready to be dropped into the chicken soup. Be back in a little bit. Here is where I got the recipe. Okay....this is definitely very delicious!!! JP will really like it and one bowl will not be enough for him. I predict this soup will not last long in the pot!!!

Time to close this post....I need to get long as I am on not waste the time and get some cards done whilst I am!!!

Have a good day tomorrow and keep looking up! Cheers ~ Louise


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Visiting from blogger friend Connie. You make such nice cards! A friend and I use to make cards together and she had the equipment and knowledge to do nice ones. She moved and now my cards are pretty simple!! But I enjoy giving a homade card! Nancy

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Nancy...thanks for stopping by...I shall come visit you too. Love going to Connie's blog...she is so creative in her home. Yes, it is always fun to make cards with many ideas!!


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