Sunday, September 20, 2015

On the Mend and Ready 2 Join the Human Race (?)

Hi there everyone. Thought I would write a short post tonight. Watching the Green Bay Packers play the Seahawks, oh gosh the Packers are losing 17-13. I shall update you as we go along. With one eye on the TV and one eye on my typing, mistakes not included....hahahahahah!

So as my title says, "on the mend and ready to join the human race".....I think. Saturday, JP and I went shopping, probably walked more Saturday then I had the last two weeks. Whew, was I ever tired when we got home, but it was a good outing. Spent lots of money on food and did not even buy meat, just things that we were running low on. Had not shopped for two weeks, so needless to say, we are now stocked up for another few weeks.

Mingling with people was I was walking really slow through the store, people were whizzing by me, they probably thought, "boy that old lady sure is slow," if only they really knew. JP was impressed that I knew where everything was and by all that I bought and surprised that I knew how to compare prices....geez JP, that's what I do all the time!!!!

Oops....forgot to update; Seahawks 17 and Packers 16 with 10 minutes to go in the 4th.  OH YEAH!!! Packers just scored...I think they just might win this....sorry Seahawk fans.

In the above picture is a "Blue Footed Boobie" That's how I felt walking through the store, people were watching JP and I for some reason and smiling.....wonder why??? They must have known JP was a novice shopper....right??!!??
So yeah....every time I get my ducks in a row, something always happens and off they go. Oh well, such is life. Least I don't shoot them like I would have in my younger years....hahahaha!!!

So this week I have an appointment with Dr. Flanagan for a check-up to see how the hernia is doing. Hope things are healing well, cause I could never go through that very painful. I think I might try making some cards this I am starting to feel a little bored and needing something to do besides lay around. Guess that is a sign I am healing.

Today, we were talking about taking a day off next Saturday...that's about all we can afford, (bills are starting to come in and we are looking at 40K and that is not including the Doctor bills) maybe we will go to Neenah and sit by Lake Winnebago with a lunch and soak up some sun. If it is a nice day.

Well, there is only 3 minutes left and the Packers are winning 24 to 17.....there could be another touchdown!!

Packers Win 27 to Seahawks 17

So you all have a great week and keep looking up! Cheers ~ Louise


Evelyn Mayfield said...

Keeping you and yours in my heart and prayers, big time. Love the little "ducks in a row" thing - I can totally relate to that one...Hugs. Evie

Connie said...

I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Even if the shopping trip tired you out, it was probably a very good thing to do. Be sure and keep us informed about your doctors visit. As, for the football game . . . I live in Washington, so I would have been cheering for the Seahawks :)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Evelyn, Thank you very much for helps to know. Love the ducks too!! But only when they behave :)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Connie....oh yes, will let you know what the Doctor says.....oh, oh sorry for the Seahawk loss. Hope you still stop by even though I am a Packer!! But I do wish we lived closer, I would come to visit you all the time. I love what you and hubby have accomplished on your little plot of land.

Brenda in IN said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. It does take a while to recover from surgery and you needed to take it easy. That Blue footed boobie is one of the birds my granddaughter saw in Ecuador last year. I had never seen anything like that so I'm glad to know what it is. Enjoy your day off and have fun.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Brenda....yes, I still wear out quickly and still walk slowly. That blue footed boobie cracks me up every time I see him. Hope all is well with hubby.


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