Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mmmmm Strawberries

Hi there everyone. How are you doing today? All is well here....my strawberry plants are producing...oh my, I am in love. They are not the biggest in town....but they are good to the very last berry.
Yesterday, I saw a Robin enjoying him/herself....I wondered who the culprit was that was eating a few berries. Sitting on my porch, I found out who it was. Gosh, I had no idea that Robins ate anything other then worms!!!! Now I know.
You like my blue bowls? I picked then up at a garage sale...they also have covers. I can use them in the microwave for steaming vegetables and heating food....I shall have to try that soon. For now, they are good for my strawberries.

Nothing too much is going on today. I finally straightened out the garage yesterday, now it is an organized mess. LOL! Today I need to plant my Rose Moss, cucumbers and more zucchini in the front of the house. I will then have cucumbers and zucchini planted in 3 different places. One of those 3 places has GOT to produce some fruit for me this year. I have quite a bit of shade trees around my house, so it makes for some tough growing. I lost my apple trees....they did not get enough sun.

So, we shall see how things go this year. The plants in the front of the house will get sun pretty much all day....that's where the strawberries are. So if the strawberries are thriving....maybe the cucumbers and zucchini will too.

Well time to go do a few things around the house. You all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Patricia said...

Good luck with the cucumbers. They should grow well in the sun there in front of your house. There's nothing like home grown strawberries that you can pick when they're ripe. I grow the little tiny Alpine strawberries. They're small, but have a delicious intense strawberry flavor.

Tina said...

Wow, those strawberries look delicious! I had to smile to myself when I read that the blue containers came from a garage sale. What a great find! :)


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