Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Garden Walk on Saturday - Part 2

Hi there everyone. Lovely day today.....I need to get some things done....have a long list of project to do.....but sometimes have a hard time starting them. In my next post I will list everything I want to do...."my summer to-do list."

Well today is the last of the pictures from the garden walk on this picture is the lady's Hostas and Gnome garden.....gnomes, gnomes everywhere!!!!
This was a cute sort of covered up her junk area and made it pleasing to the eyes. It says, "Meet me at the garden gate."
In this picture is the entrance to her lovely garden and another place to sit and rest and drink some iced tea.
Her Begonia garden....I love the red begonia plants, so healthy they look too!! Can you see her red garden furniture? I got to sit at her table and just kind of survey the whole back yard. She said they moved in this house in 1979 and she started with one rock garden near the drive way.....and just sort of spread out over the years......yeah, she had room to roam. I didn't even get pictures of all her gardens. She invited us back in August to see her garden.....will have to do that.
Here is her lovely pool......she has 5 daughters and 10 grand babies....all boys, can you see the tractors on the walk-way????
Here is a picture of her lovely patio furniture......yep, and a nice place to sit and enjoy the summer drink iced tea and reading a good book....don't you think???
This was another garden in front of the house to the side of the garage.....she sure had LOTS of statues and signs to catch the eyes.
Here is her burning sort of died out except for a little branch that started to bloom. I liked the effect of this sawed off can hold all the objects in her garden that need a place to hang out.
Well, I think I will close here....I need to go work out in my garden.....someday, I will have a pretty garden like this, dream on....but right now, I shall just enjoy what I have. You all have a good day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, So fun to see other's gardens. I like to see what they can think up. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

What a great garden walk, Louise. That looks like a great one to visit. Love her pool area. xo Diana

Patricia said...

Our local garden club no longer does the garden tours. I really miss that as we could see what hard work, determination and unfortunately money can do with our hot, dry and red clay dirt conditions. Now they just do a fair in the park and vendors come in to sell their crafts and some plants. I really miss the garden tours and the tea they did though.

Attic Clutter said...

HI Louise..
been so busy..
but had to make my rounds today..
love the beautiful banner..and the garden stuff.

Brenda in IN said...

Wow Louise, your garden walk was beautiful. How nice of people to open their yards so you can see their flowers and creations. I love that red furniture. Your yard looks lovely but I'm sure you have all kinds of ideas to work in it.

Biz said...

Hello Louise! Long time no talk from me - I've been busy with work finally and am leaving on vacation tomorrow after work! Jacob's Mom is coming to stay the week to watch the dogs, so I've had my cleaning pants on since I got in the door from work and just now took a break to get caught up with you.

I still want to come up and visit you for lunch one weekend this summer! I'll be in touch when I get back from vacation!


Tina said...

Your friend's patio is beautiful! It looks so relaxing and I love the red...nice pop of color!


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