Monday, May 11, 2015

My Ceiling.....continued ~ the kitchen is almost finished plus the front porch!!!

Hi there everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was mighty fine. Rebuilding Together worked on my house all day Saturday. Landscaped, plumbing, electrical work done. Basement windows installed......I never could accomplish all that these people did in one was just unbelievable. There are not enough "Thank You's" in this world to Thank these people for all that they was wonderful!!!!
So here is an update on my ceiling. Here you see the seams and nails covered with cement.
In this picture the plaster guy came to finish off the ceiling and put swirls in the ceiling....kinda looks like a mess....but honestly it looks gorgeous!!!
Here is the finished product.....the walls are painted a soft yellow "Morning Sun" which matches the floor. The ceiling was primed then they painted with white. I have a border that I will put up myself I guess in a couple of weeks that will add some nice color. The paint has to set for two weeks. Oh and Pat who coordinated this work day will be coming back to install my fan.
In this picture you can see a little bit of the swirls in the ceiling and the "morning sun" contrast.
In this last picture is my front porch, the floor and porch were painted along with the shutters which were put back up. They had been missing for 13 sure did add to the house. See that little box on the floor in the center of the windows??? I can plug in my porch fountain and JP can plug in for the weed eater and leaf blower. UMMMMM looks like I need to paint or get a new mail box....this one has lost it's shine.

The lady from Sherwin Williams just dropped off the paint for the front door which will be a rust color to match the floor. As Pat put it, it will give the house some "POP". The door has been a grey color for 13 getting used to the color will take some time, but I am sure it will go POP!!!!! We will probably put the furniture back on the porch in a day or so....time to sit on the porch and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I will take some more pictures in the next few have to see all the work these people did landscaping my front and back yard......they also bought some flowers and bushes and red's just amazing to me.

Well, time to close here for awhile. I need to put my house back in order.....I feel like I am moving into a new house....I get to nest. Maybe unload some stuff at the same time. I did send a few boxes to the thrift store....maybe a few more are in order.

Talk to you later and keep looking up.....things do get better!!!
Cheers ~ Louise


Biz said...

Wow, it looks amazing already! I am so happy for you and I know you'll appreciate it all the more when it rains - you can enjoy the pitter patter of the rain drops and not worry about a leak!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Biz....yes! No more rain drops falling on my head as I cook a meal!

Brenda in IN said...

I'm wowed by all they did. It is like having a new home. The porch is lovely and I can't wait to see the landscaping. You will enjoy sitting out there and admiring the flowers.


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