Friday, January 9, 2015

How 'Bout Some Flowers 2 Keep Us Warm

Hi there everyone. is chilly outside!!!! The kitchen window thermometer says 5 degrees......oh baby it is cold out there. I have not ventured outside for almost a week and may have to break down and do some shopping tomorrow as the refrigerator is getting low on food and I need some fruit and vegies for my smoothies.

For today's post I thought a few flowers would warm us all up and maybe help in "THINKING SPRING." Just think....a few more months and we will be seeing some of these beauty's in the next 5 pictures.

Hummmm I wonder....maybe this is why time flies, because we are always looking forward to the next season. Maybe....just maybe....enjoy where we are at for the moment. Ahhhh....take in the beauty of the moment, the snow and cold, the wind, ice and fog. All creations of God and all for a reason. Who knows, maybe diverse weather brings on and helps these flowers to do their very best to make things beautiful for us....I don't know...just thinking.
So here is my beautiful rose bush in the front yard. I do nothing special to protect her during the winter, just put a plastic covering around the base and cover her with leaves. This year I gave her a shot of coffee grounds, maybe about a cup and in the spring she'll get some fertilizer. I read some place that coffee grounds were good for roses and actually for vegetables too. We'll see, so far I think I will give the coffee grounds to the roses and experiment with other flowers for now.
My beautiful peonies.....the bush was so full this year. I actually shared some of her blooms with a few neighbors. I wanted to cut the plant in half and start another bush in the front yard, but never got around to it. Maybe this year. I may have given the peonies some coffee grounds in the fall too.
Here is my white rose bush in the back yard.....this is a newer bush and she produces long stemmed white roses....only thing is, she is a late bloomer. Last spring I thought she had died, because there were no new sprouts, almost dug her up, but then one day a new baby sprout showed up. Finally she took root!!! I gave her some coffee grounds in the fall, maybe that will perk her up some. No pun intended.
My wonderful hibiscus. I bought this plant at Walmarts maybe about 6 years ago for a whopping $1.50 and she just keeps blooming and blooming. I keep her in the house during the winter in a south window and water her every other day. Oh yes, fertilize every couple of weeks or so. No coffee here though.....yet. In the spring when the weather warms up she sits on the porch most of the summer and thrives beautifully.
Oh my brown eyed susans.......I love these flowers. They volunteer to grow where ever. I can always count on them to pop up some place in my front yard. Not sure where they came from....maybe a bird dropped a seed and that was where it started. I usually let the seeds dry on the stems in hopes that they will spread and bloom for next year. Then I cut the flowers off and save what seeds are left for the next year. For some reason, as hard as I try, cannot seem to get these flowers to grow in the back yard. I don't know.....maybe there is too much shade.

Well, I guess I shall close for now, have to go pay some bills and take care of household chores.....yep, a woman's work is never done. Have a great day and keep warm and cozy, looking up everyday. Cheers ~ Louise


Attic Clutter said...

HI Louise..

Hope you are having a Happy New Year..(:0
I am warmer now.. thanks LOL

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Us too....thanks. This new year is fill with surprises. 2 operations and the kitchen ceiling to get fixed. yay on that issue.


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