Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year Begins With a Fresh Pumpkin Pie

Hi there everyone and Happy New Year!!! Hope you had a good first day of this New Year!!!

My day was relaxing. I finally cooked up that pumpkin I bought back in October. Had plans of making a pie with it in November but, it never made it to the oven. Neither did it make it to the oven in December.
But here it is...January 1st and that cute little pumpkin got cooked up.....sorry no pictures in it's original state. Here it is all cooked up. I put the pumpkin in the oven for about an hour. Took it out and let it cool down a bit. Peeled off the outside shell, then sliced it and scooped out the seeds and stringy stuff.
Then I put the pieces of pumpkin in the blender and added some became very creamy (Thanks Biz for the blender). See the pie shell crust? I tried something new, using a spoon, turned it over and pressed down on the crust-ridge making a different kind of design. Think I will do this from now on.
In this picture is the recipe I followed from , the pie shell and the pumpkin liquid all mixed together.
Here is a closer look at the recipe....hope you can read it.....tis very simple.
AND.....wah is the pie all baked crust got a little burned, next time I will add some tin foil for protection.
Here is the end result of that pie....OMG...guys was it ever delicious....this will be my "go-to pumpkin pie" for now on. YUMMY I want another piece but my blood sugars might be too high tomorrow morning, so I will reframe from having another piece tonight.

New Years dinner was hamburgers, mushrooms and cheese, potato hash browns, beans and salad. Simple but delicious. Well, time to close. I am recording "The Taste" so I want to get downstairs and watch that. (gee, I wonder if I could get the taste on a spoon of what we had tonight...that would be a challenge.)

JP is sleeping right now, he had the day off. Sooooo, my schedule changes quite a bit when he is home. Can I say, I enjoy my evenings when there is just me and Kylie. Well, you have a great day and I shall post again when something exciting happens...or not. Cheers ~ Louise


Biz said...

I've never made a pumpkin pie without using canned pumpkin! Looks delish - and so happy the blender is working out for you!

I am off to work this morning, then the weekend off - it feels like Monday today though!

Happy New Year!

Tina said...

What better way to start off the year with some yummy dessert! Happy New Year, Louise! :)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Have a good weekend Biz. The pie is all gone....they never last long in this house for some reason...guess that is a good thing.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Tina...yes, no better way...I am ready for the next pie.


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