Monday, November 24, 2014

Birthday Update.....

Hi there did your day go??? Today I was totally surprised by a gift in the mail from Amazon!!!! A Hamilton Beach Blender sent to me by a blogger friend. My blender was starting to sound like a cement mixer (that's what JP said). I think I shall really like this blender. I make smoothies every morning, plus I shall be able to do many other things, like crush ice, make salsa, grind, grate, whip, puree, stir, dice, chop among other things. I may also get the food chopper attachment that goes along with this blender....maybe for Christmas.

I am wondering how she knew I needed a blender, I don't remember ever mentioning it in any of my posts....but then, maybe I did. But what ever the sure was nice of her to think of me...."Thank you Beth that was very sweet of you."

Lots of snow tonight 4-7 inches..........I still don't think those politicians know what they are talking about...."Global Warming" is some one's fantasy dream. Does not look like things will be warming up till at least March!!!!

Our car was ready to be picked up, a new serpentine belt and pulley was put in. It seems that this is a common thing to go out for this year and model car. Well, better it happened Sunday when there was no snow on the ground. We had a towing bill of $138, hopefully our Ins. Company will cover part of that. Not sure what the total bill will be. I guess that will be another "UPDATE". JP will pick the car up after he shovels out. Uge.....winter.

Well time to close this blog for today....I need to get downstairs to make up some cards. You take care and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, I hope your husband goes easy shoveling. It just seems it's always something going bad, falling apart, I wish you the best on everything. Blessings for a great thanksgiving. xoxo,Susie

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thanks Susie...Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

biz319 said...

So happy you like the blender! Paying it forward with all the kindness shown to me. I hate to tell you that Tony is home with hospice - we exhausted all of our medical options to no avail. He's home, and not in pain for that I am grateful. Hugs!


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