Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chocolate Please..........

Hi there everyone. Hope your Sunday evening is special and relaxing. My husband is on a "pity party" right now, and seems to like blaming me for his problems. Although he says it is not, I still feel guilty. So my evening is not so special and relaxing. I think I will go hide in the basement and make some cards till the storm passes by.

Lately the "lemons" have been falling in abundance!! "Sweetest Day" came and went yesterday and my "supposedly sweetheart" did not acknowledge me or the day, he's not very romantic. Oh Well. Finally I reminded him and he said, "what do you want??" I said, no card, no flower, how 'bout a nice "Prime Rib from Festival Foods???" He said, "okay"...huh!...maybe I should ask for some chocolate too?????

We went out to eat today....that was nice. I had a "freightliner omelet" 3 eggs, cheese, fried potatoes and bacon and rye toast. Gosh was that delish. I took half of it home for breakfast tomorrow, or lunch. I did not do my smoothie this morning so I must more then make up for it tomorrow. I have lost a couple of pounds...but not enough to say "I am losing weight" because of my smoothies every morning.

Oh well....I guess a smoothie a day will hopefully keep the Doctor away. I do feel better, so that is a plus. My blood sugars today was 110 this morning....good numbers for me.

The roofers may show up this week and work on our roof.....I hope....the weather is suppose to be nice this week. I will keep you posted. We still have lots of leaves to rake in the back yard. But we have 2 more leaf pick-ups, so we are ahead of the game at this point. I have a leaf blower, so that makes the chore a little easier.

Let's see, what more lemons can I give you today that deserve some chocolate?????  My husband says there is dirt in our drinking water....and does not want to drink it. He wants a Brita water pitcher....okay I said, I will buy a new one for myself, in purple and you can have this one. Oh goodie, I have been wanting a new colored Brita pitcher....Chocolate!!!!!

I am not so sure where this blog is going, or where it went, maybe it is a bit of complaint here and there....but what are blogs for but to get things off our chest. I do feel better though, so thanks for listening.

You all have a good evening and enjoy your week.......don't blink your eyes too long cause these two weeks will fly by pretty fast!!!
Keep looking up and enjoy some chocolate this week!!
Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

LOL- Men- I would say they are all alike but there are few that ARE different. lol Mine likes to "scold". He scolds all the time about something. lol

Enjoy your new Brita pitcher.I hope tomorrow is a better day for you----start it with a Smoothie!;>) xo Diana

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Yes Diana...I shall start my day off with a smoothie...the day goes smoother (lol) Owie, don't think I would like to scolded, I would cower in the!!

Brenda in IN said...

Men are men and can be babies sometimes. It is a cross we have to bear! Just know it's not going to last and do something fun for yourself. Sounds like you at least had a good meal! Hang in there.

Attic Clutter said...

well Louise I get blamed for much of the problems here too
.........silly men huh?
Love the grumpy cat..

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Brenda, thank you for the is appreciated.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Patty, well at least I know I am not alone on this one. (smile)


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