Monday, May 5, 2014

Rubbernecker stamps!!

Hi everyone, how is your day going on this 1st Monday of the month.......sure hope May does not speed by like April did. JP and I went to the Doctors today....JP needs some tests done, I hope it is nothing serious, but you never know, as we get older things don't work as they should.....we are like cars, we break down.

Well today I got an email from a blogger friend, she mentioned my stamps and if I had made any cards with them as yet. Well, yes I did, actually. Not this card, but the bottom two cards. This card is in my Etsy store for $3.50 + postage. The bottom two cards will eventually make it to my Etsy store. Just have to take a few more pictures.

The above card is a Mother's Day Card, or it could be a Birthday, thank you or thinking of you. There is no verse on the inside so it can be any kind of card you desire. The music is from an old hymnal song book, so I just tear out the pages of the songs I want to use. The vintage lady and flower coordinates with the color card I use. I rather like the look of this card, so I did a Father's Day card in the below picture.
On this card I used 2 of my new "Rubbernecker" stamps. The man with the bike and Happy Fathers Day down the side. I also have a Happy Mother's Day stamp like that also. Using the music from the old hymnal song book, I ripped the page on all four sides, stamped the man and his bike and layered with the ribbon, corner stickers and Father's day banner.
Now this was a fun card to make using my "Poppy" rubbernecker stamp. And my new "Amazing Grace" stamp from rubbernecker. This sure made for a lovely card, don't you think????? I picked up some card stock with different designs, must have gotten it at Micheal's. I colored the flower with markers, then spritz with water and stamped on watercolor paper....and wa-lah.....a watercolor effect!!! Each card turns out a little different. You can use any kind of verse you want.....I chose the "Amazing Grace" verse.....I may make some more of these for Hospice...........I think everyone, at some time in their life has heard this song "Amazing sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I was lost, but now I am found, I was blind but now I see"

So there you have it......a few new cards. It looks so nice outside, I should do a little's always nice to get some fresh air and a few extra steps in on my pedometer (I think that is what it is called) I get no where's near 10,000 steps, but at least I get some with shopping and walking Kylie.

Time to close for now, need to balance the check book, walk Kylie, do some raking of leaves and do those dishes which seem to pile up. We went out to eat yesterday, so I really don't know where these dishes came from. Tonight is Dancing with the Stars. I am rooting for Meryl and Max....he said he's seen 13 seasons and has not won I think it would be fun to see him win the Mirror Ball. Meryl is so awesome on ice and on the floor....she is fun to watch, plus it seems she has calmed the highly intensive Max....a very good match!!!!

You all have a great couple of days and talk to you later...keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

All your cards are beautiful. I know what you are saying about breaking down...that is hard to take when you love to work. Hope all your reports are good news. xoxo,Susie

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Louise..oh getting older is no fun I hear ya on that one.. spent months going to doc appointments...just old age stuff but ugh!!
The chickens ..we had some too and they have to be watched they will pick on one bird and peck at it ..very sad..have to separate them .. they are fun other then that stuff (:)
love the cards.. and hope hubby is ok..hugs,Patty


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