Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vintage Things Going in My Etsy Store

Hi everyone.....I trust you are enjoying the wonderful weather. I have been watching the tulips push through the ground....will be fun to see them in bloom. Probably in the next week or so I will start cleaning up the yard of leaves and whatever. Looking forward to getting the pond cleaned out and ready to fill and listen to the sound of the water fountain. Planted some heirloom tomato seeds today, probably should have started them earlier, they should be okay to plant by June, there's a good 8-9 weeks for them to grow.

I decided to add a few vintage things to my Etsy store, so the following pictures are just a few things I've picked up the an Estate Sale Store. I want to expand a little and see where this all takes me. I seem to be getting lots of different people looking at my shop. Guess not everyone is into cards, so I thought adding a few extra things might draw a few more people to my store.
This is a cute little figurine "Tyrolean Dancers" which was made in Bedford, Ohio...not sure about the date, but it seems to be 1980-1990's there about.
Here's a cute little brown tea pot that holds one tea cup full, no cracks or chips that I could find. It's hard to read the imprint on the bottom, I picked it up for $1.00
Now this is a rare Princes House 24% Lead Crystal Tusked African Bull Elephant from the Wonders of the Wild Series....I looked on Etsy to compare prices and found one exactly like this elephant and it was selling for $38....I picked it up for $5.00~~~~well hopefully I can make some money on this vintage item.
Here's two more elephants I found at the Estate Sale Store.....It seems someone brought in a collection of over 300-500 elephants.....that's why I have so many elephants on hand. I rather like them.....I have 6 elephants now.....and just may look for more. I rather like these planters, I need to find a little flower to plant in them if they don't sell.
I am still planning on having a gift "give away" on April 26th in celebration of going on 7 years of blogging. I have been writing your names down and every time you comment or add your name to be a follower, I have entered your name on the list for the drawing.

There will be a 1st place prize, 2nd place prize and 3rd place prize, and I have some cards made up for each place winner. Friday I will post the picture of the gifts that you could win.

Well time to close for a bit...talk to you later and have a great day. Cheers ~ Louise

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Brenda in IN said...

What a good idea to have things other than cards in your shop. You never know when someone will see something they recognize from their past or just something they love and would like to have it.


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