Monday, April 14, 2014

Hope You Are Feeling Well Today

Hi everyone.......thought you could use a few laughs today, I know I needed it. We woke up to 2-3 inches of snow today, oh uge!!! A song came to mind when I saw the snow...."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Well, hopefully Spring is still coming.

My dog was not feeling well today, nor was I for that matter. Woke up with a dull headache. We had breakfast, eggs and bacon and toast. I still was dealing with the headache and about 12:30, felt sleepy and took a nap. Woke up and JP said Kylie threw up on the bed....oh geez, why does she do that, I don't know. Well, I tore the bed apart and have yet to wash the blankets. Because, I got sick and threw up my breakfast....guess there is some kind of bug going around this house. JP seems to be okay...we'll see when he gets home.

So after he left for work at 4:15....around 5 o'clock I laid down and fell asleep again till almost 7....woke up and felt much better. I have not eaten anything yet, but not sure I want to eat, might try some yogurt in a little bit.

So here are a few "Happy Pictures" to pick up your spirits!!!! Found this man on another blog and could not resist his laughing....wonder what was so funny?????
Don't you just love this little girl with the birdie on her head....funny birdie, it must have scared her!!! I think the lady in this next picture is just squinting, that's me a lot of times....I need new glasses.
So Good News.....Friday, April 25th marks the start of my 7 years of blogging. To celebrate I will be giving a "give away gift set of cards." I have been writing your names down for this drawing since March 31st. Be sure to watch for my blog on Saturday the 26th which will reveal the winners.

All you need to do is either comment and/or add your name to the list of followers to the right. I will add your name to a bowl. The more times you comment, the more times your name will be entered. That means more chances to win. I may do 2nd, and 3rd place winners also. So stop by all you want. I love your comments, it's always fun to hear from blogging sisters.

Well, I guess it is time to close here, I need to go get a load done, so I can make the bed for tonight. You all have a good night. Keep looking up. Tomorrow  "Rebuilding Together" is coming to look at our roof and ceiling....sometimes these preliminaries make me nervous. Hope your day is good!!! Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry that you were sick, Louise. I had a headache all afternoon and my daughter said she had a terrible headache yesterday but no vomiting or anything. That is always such a mess when it happens in bed! yuck!

Hope you have a good night. xo Diana

ps. I just want to tell you that I have a hard time reading your blog now-the lettering is small enough that it kind of disappears into the background and is harder for me to read than it was before. Maybe not a problem for others but just wanted to tell you.

Biz said...

Sorry to hear you and the pup were not feeling well - glad you decided to rest!

And I am with you on the snow - when will our winter ever end??!!


NanaDiana said...

So much easier to read, Louise!!!! xo Diana

Attic Clutter said...

hehe funny pics Louise(:)
thanks on the the pampas grass
info.. I was told by a gal that they should really cool when the wind goes through them..
I hope mine grow..not real sunny where we planted them..
Hope the doggy feels better soon and the snow melts .LOL

Attic Clutter said...

oh I hope you feel better too (:)


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